The emblem is a combination of our thoughts concerning “Nature’s Life and Beauty” and brought to life in this picture by Sister Cheryl Metzger. The sunset in the background came from a picture taken from the Lawson's pier on Geneva Lake in Wisconsin. If you wonder why we go there, here is part of that beauty.

In the transom of the window you will find a feather, a dragonfly, a bee and a humming bird. All have a significant meaning to WGM Kelly. The feather’s symbolism is “Sent by God; & provides peace”; many of you know that the feather has repeatedly appeared in my path soon after saying yes to the big question that has led me on this journey.

The dragonfly’s symbolism is “Change, & self-realization”; WGM Kelly certainly has had a lot of changes in her life and have realized she really is capable of this fabulous opportunity in this awesome organization.

The Bee represents her relationship to her fraternal mother, Susan Simpson and her “Our Living Tree” year. Without bees, we wouldn’t have our beautiful nature, and we would not survive, as 1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees.

Finally, the hummingbird. Her fraternal great, great grandmother Susan Dennis’ “Let Nature Sing” year included the Hummingbird. The spiritual meaning of hummingbirds is that angels choose hummingbirds to deliver messages to us. Even our loved ones who have passed may choose a hummingbird to communicate with us to let us know that they are well, and they are still with us through thick and thin. She recently was watering flowers one evening and a hummingbird was flying all around the pot she was watering and nearly touched her several times. She truly feel that was her Dad saying hello and telling her he is well and he will always be by her side. She also feel a connection with our beloved Susan Dennis helping me through the next year.


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