Falls Chapter #245
District 2
The Order of the Eastern Star
2307 Sackett Avenue
Cuyahogs Falls, Ohio 44223

Stated meeting: 
1st Tuesday, September - June at 7:30 PM

Special meeting - 3rd Tuesday   

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 2019 Year

Worthy Matron Diana L. Bray
Worthy Patron Arthur Robinson II

We can not do this Alone,
There is Always a Presence,
Guiding us Along Our Way

Symbol: Angels & Footprints in the Sand

2018-2019 Officers  
Worthy Matron Diana L. Bray, PM
Worthy Patron Arthur Robinson II, PP 
Associate Matron Lori Foldessy, PM
Associate Patron Glenn Foldessy, PP
Secretary Susan L. Simpson, PM
Treasurer Annette Myers, PM
Conductress Joan Robinson, PM
Associate Conductress Gloria Tilden, PM
Chaplain Dorothy Murphy, PM
Marshal William Murphy, PP
Organist Emily Badertscher
Adah Sherri Tanner
Ruth Lois Riggleman
Esther Ruth Patterson
Martha Susan Brennan, PM
Electa Nina Landals
Warder David Swartz, PP
Sentinel Larry Landals, PP
1 Year Trustee  Dorthy Murphy, PM
2 Year Trustee  Crystal Landals, PM
3 Year Trustee  Larry Landals
Prompter Carol Radabaugh, PM
Page Nancy McFee, PM
Host in the East Martin Riggleman


 Home Chapter of:

Susan Simpson
Past Grand Matron

William Murphy
Grand Sentinel
Grand Representatives of Other Jurisdictions in Ohio

Dorothy Murphy
Grand Representative of Vermont

Joan Robinson
Grand Representative of Wisconsin

Grand Chapter of Ohio OES Committee Members

Susan Simpson, PGM
Grand  Aides to Grand Sentinel

George Tilden




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xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

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xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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