Clarington Chapter #533
District 15
Order of the Eastern Star
212 Ferry Street
Clarington, Ohio
Meetings -  2nd Thursday

Officers for 2018

Worthy Matron Kelly Wright
Worthy Patron Dave Wright
Associate Matron  Robin Hendershot
Associate Patron Dave Hendershot
Conductress Missy Earley
Associate Conductress Collyn Rice
Secretary Linda Kay Curtis
Treasurer Carol Beaver
Chaplain Nicholas Rice
Marshal  Gary Hoskinson
Organist Debbie Schnegg
Ruth Nancy Hoskinson
Martha Virginia Wellman
Electa Kendra Straub
Warder Ken Beaver
Sentinel  John Curtis
Pages  Dakota Earley
  Roy Schnegg
Website Coordinator Linda Kay Curtis

Pictured left to right are:  1st row - Debbie Schnegg, Nick Rice, Collyn Rice, DaveWright, Kelly Wright, Robin Hendershot, Carol Beaver and Kay Curtis.
2nd row - Gary Hoskinson, Kendra Straub, Virginia Wellman, Nancy Hoskinson, Missy Earley, Dave Hendershot, Ken Beaver and John Curtis.


Theme "Bloom Where You are Planted"
Colors  Aqua and Hot Pink
 Motto "Wherever you are, God put you there for a reason.  Bloom where you are planted!"
Various Pictures of Chapter Members:


"Family Affair", Mother and Daughter
Kelly Wright, Worthy Matron on left
& Collyn Rice, Associate Conductress, on right.

Santa in the Village"
is held in December with our own Gary Hoskinson, as Santa.   The Chapter provides each child with a coloring book and refreshments are provided by members of the Stars and Masonic Lodge.   The Hoskinsons also provide stuffed animals.  Gary is Santa at many local schools and nursing homes. 

Our Chapter also participated in distributing gifts for the Christmas for the Little Ones project in Monroe County.   We again supported several children by purchasing
Christmas gifts.


    The Beaver Family:                                     The Curtis Girls:
           Kendra Straub, Electa                         Robin Hendershot Assoc. Matron
   Ken Beaver, Warder &                             Kay Curtis, Secretary
 Carol Beaver, Treasurer                         Missy Earley, Conductress


Former Grand Appointments

Gloria Miller, Grand Electa 1977
Edna Boner, Deputy Grand Matron 1986 
Kay Curtis, Deputy Grand Matron 1994 and Grand Martha 1998 
Debbie Schnegg, Grand Representative New Mexico 2003
Gertrude Davis, Grand Representative of Manitoba 2007
Pam Burlingame, Grand Representative of Oklahoma 1986 

Honored Masons from our Chapter  
  David Wright
Worshipful Master Clarington Lodge #597
Knight of the York Cross of Honor

Roy Rader
Past District Deputy Grand Master - 18th District
Knight of the York Cross of Honor
33rd Degree, Scottish Rite

Gary Hoskinson
Past Worshipful Master of Clarington Lodge #597
Past Worshipful Master of Woodsfield Lodge #189 
18th District Educational Officer


History of Clarington Eastern Star Chapter:

Clarington Chapter was instituted at Clarington, Ohio, April 6, 1940, with members of Captina Chapter instrumental in the institution of our Chapter.  Twenty six petitioners were given the obligation.  Our Chapter received its Charter and Chapter Number at the 51st Grand Chapter Session held in Columbus, Ohio in October, 1940.  At this time, Elaine and Robert Rea were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Clarington Chapter No. 533.   They were instructed to go home and install the remaining officers.  The first officers were installed at the November 1940 meeting.

In the early days, the Chapter did not recess for the summer.  The meetings started at 8:00 p.m. and were held in the Masonic Temple at the corner of Front and Market Street until June, 1960.  We met in the I00F Hall until a new Masonic Temple was built at our current location in 1965.

In 1965, Clarington Chapter celebrated its 25th Anniversary and Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Jessie Negus, appointed Sister Elaine Rea to serve as Grand Ruth that same year. 

The 50th Anniversary Celebration was held on September 13, 1990.   Our Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron at this time were Cheryl Gilmore and Richard Miller.

Our 75th Anniversary was celebrated on April 9, 2015, with a Visitation by the Worthy Grand Matron, Susan Simpson, and the Worthy Grand Patron, Steve Moore.

Clarington Chapter has had three members serve as Grand Officers of the Grand Chapter of Ohio:  Elaine Rea, Grand Ruth in 1965 (Deceased), Gloria Miller, Grand Electa in 1977, and Kay Curtis, Grand Martha in 1998.  Four members have served as Deputy Grand Matrons Clara Nelson in 1945, Bertha Frieden in 1955 (both now deceased), Edna M. Bonar in 1986 (deceased), and Kay Curtis in 1994.  Grand Representatives have included: Arminta Ambler, Grand Representative of Pennsylvania in 1949 (deceased),  Debbie Schnegg, Grand Representative of New Mexico in 2003, Gertrude Davis, Grand Representative of Manitoba in 2007 (deceased),  Pam Burlingame, Grand Representative of Oklahoma in Ohio in 2013, and newly appointed for 2018, Nancy Hoskinson, Grand Representative of Illinois in Ohio, pictured below:

Nancy Hoskinson,
Grand Representative of Illinois

  Clarington Lodge is located
on 212 Ferry Street,
in Clarington, Ohio
adjacent to State Route 78
and State Route 7,
 along the Ohio River.


The Eastern Stars are active in their support of all the Grand Chapter Charities, as well as local charities and special Christmas projects, such as Santa in the Village and Christmas for the Little Ones. They serve the Masons annual Inspection dinner, assist with the Ohio River Museum activities,  and also participate in various charitable and  community projects as needed.

Our AREME Projects this year will be to serve the Masonic Inspection on March 3, 2018, with proceeds to benefit the Clarington Cemetery.   We will also be serving the River Girls Softball team before a game in April.


Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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