Clover Chapter # 201   
District 1
Order of the Eastern Star
1435 Main Street, Burton OH 44021
1st and 3rd Tuesday - 7:30 PM


Blessed are the Peacemakers - For they shall be called "The Children of God"
Matthew 5:9

2014 Officers

Worthy Matron Nancy Cook
Worthy Patron Don Swift
Associate Matron Ethel Nelson
Associate Patron John Nelson III
Secretary Geri Swift
Treasurer Rose Klouda
Conductress Caraline Nelson
Associate Conductress Diane Nelson
Marshal Meghan Chrobak
Organist Elaine Wisniewski
Adah Jackie Loomis
Ruth Kay Bright
Esther Jessie Steimie
Warder Jim Cook
Sentinel Nancy Ann Staffeld

Tentative Calendar
November 19 Stated Meeting
December 3 Stated Meeting
Pot Luck 6:30 PM
November & December Birthdays
December 17 Stated Meeting
January 7 Stated Meeting
January 21 Stated Meeting
February 4 Practice Initiation
Honor January & February Birthdays
February 18 Stated Meeting
March 4 Practice Initiation
March 18 Stated Meeting
April 1 Stated Meeting
April 15 Stated Meeting
Honor March & April Birthdays
April 27 Tea and Conversation - 2:00 PM
May 6 Stated Meeting
Honoring Mothers
June 3 Election of Officers
Honoring May & June Birthdays
June 17 Friends Night
Honoring Fathers
June 25 Chapter Picnic at the Cook's
July & August Summer Recess - Enjoy
September 2 Stated Meeting
Honor July & August Birthdays
September 16 Stated Meeting
October 7 Stated Meeting
Soup and Grilled Cheese 6:30 PM
Honoring September & October Birthdays
October 21 Stated Meeting


Honored Members of District # 1 

Past Grand Matron and Grand Secretary Emeritus
Barbara Price (284)
Deputy Grand Matron
Georgeanna Allen (202)
Grand Representative to Nebraska 
Karen Anspach (284) 
Member of the Speakers Bureau
Sandra Zikursh (284)
District #1.Charities Director
Cindi Robinson  (591)

Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

Social Networking

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