Orion Chapter #12

District 1

Order of the Eastern Star

 6012 State Route 193

 Kingsville, Ohio

Meeting Nights - First and Third Tuesday,  7:30 PM


Sisters and Brothers Helping Each Other
Let us think about each other and help each other                                   to show love and do good deeds.    Hebrews 10:24

Mix a little shake of laughter in the doings of the day,
Scatter golden bits of sunshine as you plod along the way,
Stop to cheer a fellow human that's a bit worse off than you*
Help him climb the pesky ladder that you find so hard to do;
Show by every daily motive, every thought and every deed*
You are one that folks can turn to when they find themselves in need;
Just forget the rugged places*make believe they're slick and smooth;
When you spot the troubled faces, pull a  grin and try to soothe;             Life's a game*a mighty short one*play it gamely while you can*            Let the score book show the record that you measured up a MAN!         Better far to have your neighbors say you were a cheerful chap,           Always kind and always helpful*if you're that, you'll leave a gap;*           But just live the GOLDEN RULE, lad, and your life will be worthwhile.

Helping Others

If you show kindness to someone
I'm sure that you will find
not only are they happy
but you have peace of mind.
It's kind of strange it works that way
but sure enough it will
for while you're helping others folks
the Lord your cup will fill.
To help some folks by doing stuff
is never out of style
and if you want to do it right
you'll do it with a smile.
If someone is a problem
that you are with day by day
it could be if you'd smile at them
some good might come your way.

Our beautiful Order is a perfect example of
sisters and Brothers Helping Each Other.

Cathy & Scott

means being there for
each other

Installing Officers
Willa Hummer - Installing Chaplain
Marty Wetherholt - Installing Officer
Karen Tomas - Installing Marshal
Kris Groff - InstallingOrganist

2019 Officers

Worthy Matron Catherine Burnham  PM
Worthy Patron Scott Coursen,  PP
Associate Matron Helen Forbes, PM
Associate Patron Larry Nicka, PP
Secretary Martha Wetherholt  PM
Treasurer Olive Jones
Conductress Jayne Shaffer,  PM
Associate Conductress Nancy Evans  PM
Chaplain Linda Nicka, PM
Marshal Phyllis Shinault  PM
Organist Glenna Rodebaugh
Adah Prudence McNutt  PM
Ruth Diana Greer  PM
Esther Liz Orgen  PM
Martha Linda Hall  PM
Electa Jenny Howes
Warder Michelle Kingston
Sentinel Lou Hewitt
ProTems Leah Risley  PM
Prompters & Pages Ellen Weir
Judy McNerny


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Tentative Calendar 2018-2019

11-06-2018 Stated Meeting- donations for two local churches to adopt Christmas families will be collected between now and December 12, 2017. Total donations for last year was $500.00-Thank you so very much to our Generous members. This is lieu of a gift Exchange.

11-20-2018 Stated Meeting

12-04-2018 Stated Meeting

12-11-2018 Chapter Christmas Party for all Members & Families, Masons & Families-held at Masonic Building – 6PM - more info to follow.

12-18-2018 Stated Meeting-Wear Christmas Attire

01-01-2019 Happy New Year- no meeting

01-15-2019 Stated Meeting – Obligation Night

02-05-2019 Stated Meeting- Practice Initiation

02-19-2019 Stated Meeting


03-05-2019 Stated Meeting- Practice Initiation

03-19-2019 Stated Meeting- Pound Auction

04-03-2019 Stated Meeting- Easter Hat Contest – Decorate your own Hat!!!

04-17-2019 Stated Meeting- Honor Past Matrons & Past Patrons


05-07-2019 Stated Meeting- Honoring Mothers & Daughters

05-21-2019 Stated Meeting

06-04-2019 Stated Meeting- Pot Luck Dinner-6PM, Election of Officers & Annual Reports, street clothes

06-18-2019 Stated Meeting- Honoring Fathers, Masons, and Veterans


09-03-2019 Stated Meeting- Awards Night- 75, 70, 65, 60, 50, 40 and 25 year pins

09-17-2019 Stated Meeting- Yard Long Sale

10-01-2019 Stated Meeting- Reports from Grand Chapter

10-15-2019 Stated Meeting & Farewell


Please attend our meetings on the First and Third Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 P.M. Come and enjoy all the activities planned by our 2019 Worthy Matron Cathy Burnham and Worthy Patron Scott Cousen. This planning takes much time and preparation and your attendance is the only way to say “Thank You” to the 2019 Officers


Our Pancake Breakfasts that we share with Orion Lodge #353 have been very successful. They are the first Saturday in November, December, January, February, March, April and May. Come out and enjoy a delicious breakfast, meet with old Friends, Sisters and Brothers, and help support both bodies with this moneymaker.



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District One

Orion Chapter was instituted in 1891

On September 18, 1891, the Worthy Grand Patron, L.N. Hathaway,

with the assistance of the officers of Lake Erie Chapter #10, Ashtabula, opened a Grand Chapter Session and instituted Orion Chapter #12,

with 40 members signing the by-laws as Charter Members. The date

of issue on the Charter being November 12, 1891. The first Worthy Matron elected was Jennie Kingsley and the first Worthy Patron was Harlow Carter. The Chapter first met at the State Police Hall, then

later in the Masonic Temple. Often nuts, popcorn and apples were enjoyed as refreshments after the meetings.

In 1947, Relief Chapter #546, Pierpont was instituted with Orion Chapter #12 doing the ritualistic work.

The first meeting at the new Masonic Building located on the corner of State Route 193 and Creek Road was March 19, 1969. The Presiding Officers were Alma McConnell as Worthy Matron and Woodrow McConnell as Worthy Patron. In 1991 Orion Chapter celebrated its 100th Birthday of "Reflections through the Years" with Betty Kirk as Worthy Matron and Redgie Kirk as Worthy Patron.

On May 6, 1997 Relief Chapter #546 of Pierpont merged with Orion Chapter #12. On February 15, 2011 Rose Chapter #22 merged with Orion Chapter #12. We currently have a membership of 173.

Orion Chapter has been proud to support General Grand Chapter and the Grand Chapter of Ohio over the years. Contributions have been made to the following charities: Heart, Cancer, Estarl, OES Home Operating Fund, OES Home Hobby, Craft and Activities, Benevolence Fund, Crippled children's fund, Masonic Home, 32nd Degree Masonic Learning Centers, Eye Foundation and District Charities. The chapter has also supported and donated to Hospice of Western Reserve, Special Olympics, many of the area Churches, Members in distress, Jobes Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, DeMolay for boys, area Soup Kitchens.

Orion Chapter has had dedicated leadership and very faithful members through the years with many different themes. The Chapter has truly been dedicated to Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness. 1891- 2016

Honored Members

Grand Appointments:

1897 - Alice M.B. Webster - Grand Conductress

1946 - Arleta Hankins - Grand Organist

1980 - Katherine Nevel - Grand Ruth

1989 - Willa Hummer - Grand Marshal

1993 - Betty Kantola - Grand Ruth

2013 - Martha Wetherholt - Grand Electa

Deputy Grand Matrons

1909 Isoline Minty

1917 - Grace Ingalls

1922 - Alice Brown

1927 - Erma Eaton

1938 - Mabel E. Sanford

1939 - Florence Bowdler

1947 - Rhoda Campbell

1952 - Louise Amidon

1964 - Myrtle Taylor

1971 - Joyce Bernard

1972 - Minnie Garrison

1977 - Eleanor Doyle

1982 - Willa Hummer

1988 - Gay Wilson

1990 - Joan Hoover - DGM in California

1999 - Martha Wetherholt

2005 - Evelyn Peterson

2009 & 2010 - Leah Gray

2017 & 2018 - Catherine Burnham

Grand Representatives

1913 - Mertie Webb (Pennsylvania)

1936 - Jessie Hawkins (Utah)

1946 - Gene Eastman (Tennessee)

1954 - Mary Paulson (Illinois)

1956 - Trainie Miller (Maryland)

1966 - Thelma Robertson (New Hampshire)

1966 - Genevieve Shank ( Alabama)

1986 - Ruth Carr (Mississippi)

1991 - Kathleen Bloom (Tennessee)

1995 - Alma McConnell Page (Arizona)

2003 - Patricia Mitchell (Rhode Island)

2006 - Beverly McClain (West Virginia)

2009 - Nancy Evans (Puerto Rico)

2015 - Linda Nicka (Mississippi)

Past Presidents of District #1 Association of Chapters

1930 - Mabel Sanford***2006 - Kathleen Bloom

1937 - Rhoda Campbell

1942 - Hattie Stevens

1946 - Ursala Wick

1949 - Clara Crombie

1953 - Hallie Burkhart

1967 - Mary Paulson

1969 - Margurite Braunbeck

1974 - Betty Smith

1977 - Hazel Jack

1979 - Eleanor Doyle

1987 - Betty Kantola

1990 - Beverly McClain

1997 - Patricia Mitchell

2005 - Evelyn Peterson

2012 - Nancy Evans

2015 - Linda Nicka


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