Ravenna Chapter #46
District 2
Order of the Eastern Star

4785 Washington Avenue, Ravenna

2nd and 4th Wednesday  Sept - June 
7:30 PM      


Home Chapter of:

Bruce Hansford -  Past Grand Patron

Robert Palmer - Past Grand Patron

Carolyn McCahan - Past Grand Matron

Faith Lyon - Credentials Committee


The 2018 - 2019 Year

Theme: The Life We Live is the Lesson We Teach

Scripture: Matthew 7:12

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets"


2019 Officers of Ravenna Chapter
Worthy Matron Margaret MacLearie
Worthy Patron Rory Wolf
Associate Matron Holly Lyon
Associate Patron Tom Kress, pro-tem
Secretary Iris Palmer, PM 
Treasurer Kathy Tinker, PM
Conductress Debbie Wolf
Associate Conductress Karen Stenger
Chaplain John Green 
Marshal Susan Schenck
Organist Bret Hoover
Adah Faith Lyon
Ruth Mary Lou Snider
Esther Carlene Patterson
Martha Dorothy Murphy
Electa Jaime Thomas
Warder George Sanford
Sentinel  Bobby Davidson
Pages Sharon Kress
Janet Doolittle
Aides Tom Kress
Arden Doolittle
Prompters Dorothy Kelly
Ruth Green
Trustees Geoge Sanford - 1 year
Jaime Thomas - 2 year
Sharon Kress - 3 year

Audit Committee: Betty Ewendt
Sunshine Norene Kirby


2019 Events

January 2 Take down Christmas Decorations at Masonic Lodge @ 7 PM

January 5 District Meeting at Crescent

January 9 Stated Meeting, Obligation Night and Balloting

January 20 Practice for Initiation @ 3 PM

January 23 Stated Meeting, Mock Initiation

February 2
District Meeting at Miriam
February 13 Stated Meeting

February 27 Stated Meeting, Mock Initiation

March 2 District Meeting at Hartford

March 13 Stated Meeting
March 17 TNT Play "Chapter 2" Tickets are $15.  See Iris for tickets
(Profit goes to GO Committee)
March 20 Sunrise Inspection @ &;30 by GO
March 26 Opal Inspection @ 7:30 by GO
March 27 Ravenna Inspection @ 7:30 by WGP, Dennis Lawson



Past Matrons and Past Patrons News:

President:  Debbie Wolf
Vice President: Janet Doolittle
Secretary/Treasurer: Irma Hoover

June 5, 2018 Officers Party at Masonic Complex - 7:00 PM
(Hostesses: Debbie Giles, Rachel Barlett,
Dorothy Kelly and Norene Kirby)
August 7, 2018 Summer Picnic, 6:30 PM, Place to be announced
(Kathy Tinker)
October 2, 2018 Friends Night, 6:30 PM  Place to be announced
(Erma Hoover, Margie Reece and Betty Ewendt)
December 4, 2018 Christmas Party, 6:30 PM, Place to be announced
(Kathy Tinker, Holly Lyon, Faith Lyon)
February 5, 2019 Installation of Officers, 6:30 PM  Place to be announced  (Debbie Wolf)
Nominating Committee:
 Marge Reece, Chairperson
 Robert Palmer
Holly Lyon

Contact Us

For additional information regarding Ravenna Chapter #46 or The Order of Eastern Star,
please contact our Chapter Secretary, Iris Palmer, at  or (330) 296-9869.

  Chapter History

Ravenna Chapter #46

 Instituted: April 17,
1895 Chartered: October 9, 1895

 Our Family Tree

 Mother Chapter

Crescent Chapter #7,
Garrettsville, District 2

 Daughter Chapters

Olive Chapter #53,
Kent, District 2
(Merged with Ravenna Chapter on November 19, 2014

Alliance Chapter #296 
District 13
(Merged with Palmy Chapter, District 2)


Past Matrons Date             Past Patrons
Jennie Cole 1895  I.F. Siddal
Jennie Cole 1896 I.F. Siddal
Abbie Kidney 1897 S.F. Jennings
Abbie Kidney 1898 S.F. Jennings
Addie Pooler 1899 M.B. Mishler
Addie Pooler 1900 M.B. Mishler
Jennie Tompkins 1901 A.S. Cole
Jennie Tompkins 1902 G.E. Kidney
Frances Smythe 1903 K.W. Wing
Lizzie Mishler 1904 A.L. Davis
Frances Bennett 1905 G.E. Kidney
Carrie Reed 1906 M.B. Mishler
Franc Seymour 1907 G.E. Kidney
Anna Wallace 1908 L.P. Seymour
Alice Holister 1909 K.S. Wing
Maude Chapman 1910 L.P. Seymour
Abbie Kidney 1911 L.P. Seymour
Celestine Babcock 1912 F.W. Gilbert
Franc Seymour 1913 K.S. Wing
Franc Seymour 1914 K.S. Wing
Ida Jones 1915 G.E. Kidney
Ida Jones 1916 G.E. Kidney
Mary Jensen 1917 L.P. Seymour
Mary Jensen 1918 L.P. Seymour
Mary Bower 1919 C.W. Shively
Mary Bower 1920 C.W. Shively
Edna Carothers 1921 C.F. Horton
Minnie Coit 1922 W.E. Riddle
Jessie Hodge 1923 G.F. Guthrie
Ida Severance 1924 W.E. Riddle
Grace Jones 1925 C.W. Shively
Mabel Knapp 1926 E.J. Jenkins
Jessie Riddle 1927 C.R. Jones
Margaret Jones 1928 C.R. Jones
Ruth Knisely 1929 W.H. Wilcox
Irene Hoskinson 1930 T.Wright
Emma Whittaker 1931 T.M. Kayler
Bessie Jenkins 1932 E.J. Jenkins
Bernice Harper 1933 S.B. Sloan
Matilda Jones 1934 H.O. Eldridge
Catherine Jones 1935 W.E. Riddle
Myrtle Sloan 1936 S.B. Sloan
Lily Ickeringill 1937 C.C. Beck
Elsie Tripcony 1938 E.J. Jenkins
Lillian Kent 1939 R.C. Knisley
Leola Guthrie 1940 G.F. Guthrie
Ruth Marvin 1941 R.S. Marvin
Nina Akers 1942 C.H. Franks
Gertrude Cunningham 1943 F. Santora
Marie Grupe 1944 W.H. Baker
Fairy Franks 1945 C.H. Franks
Florence Beck 1946 George Beck
Caroline Trexler 1947 R.S. Marvin
Dorothy Verigan 1948 R.E. Grupe
Bernice Line 1949 Clark Line
Margaret Klohn 1950 A. Klohn
Edythe Warthen 1951 J.W. Hearn
Clara L. Dustman 1952 J. Unger
Nellie Hawkins 1953 C.W. Verigan
Helen Moyer 1954 George Beck
Goldia Carnahan 1955 S.M. Carnahan
Martha Schindler 1956 W. Schindler
Dorothy Franks 1957 C.W. Franks
Georgia Swinehart 1958 D.E. Swinehart
Marion Minard 1959 Darrel Minard
Helen Boyer 1960 J.W. Hearn
Althea Vair 1961 George Vair
Dorothy Franks 1962  C.W. Franks
Eileen McConnell 1963 P. McConnell
Dorothy Scott 1964 H.W. Scott
Sylvia Palmer 1965 Robert Palmer
Phyllis Dundon 1966 R. Ostendorf
Sylvia Martin 1967 P. McConnell
Mildred Murdock 1968 E. Murdock
Martha Smith 1969 George Smith
Norma Eldridge 1970 C. Eldridge
Margie Reece 1971 Jack Reece
Margaret Riethman 1972 C. Riethman
Doris Heasley 1973 H. Dundon
Frieda Dalrymple 1974 J. Dalrymple
Margaret Lincoln 1975 G. Lincoln
Marie Pingstock 1976  H. Pingstock
Margaret Riethman 1977 C. Riethman
Joan Pringle 1978 Paul Pringle
Midge Starcher 1979 H. Pingstock
Mary Au 1980 James Au
Doris Pennell 1981 H. Pingstock
Ruth Starkey 1982 James Au
Doris Colgrove 1983 S. Colgrove
Erma Hoover 1984 Jack Reece
Margie Reece 1985 Jack Reece
Frieda Dalrymple 1986 J. Dalrymple
Catherine Hawley 1987 James Au
Erma Hoover 1988 Gene Hoover
Jane Minard 1989 George Roth
Judy Heasley 1990 Don Heasley
Margaret Smallsreed 1991 S. Cotter
Ann Klein 1992  J. Hallock
Margie Reece 1993 Jack Reece
Ann Klein 1994 Chris Huth
Debra Wolff 1995 Rory Wolff
Holly Lyon 1996 Chris Huth
Sandy Huth 1997 Chris Huth
Kathryn Ames 1998 Robert Palmer
Debra Wolff 1999 Rory Wolff
Lois Yost 2000 Les Yost
Iris Palmer 2001 Robert Palmer
Ann Klein 2002 Rory Wolff
Margie Reece 2003 Robert Palmer
Debra Wolff 2004 Rory Wolff
Kathryn Tinker 2005 Mark Dunlevy
Iris Palmer 2006 Robert Palmer
Margie Reece 2007 Les Yost
Holly Lyon 2008 Robert Palmer
Debra Wolff 2009 Rory Wolff
Lois Yost 2010 Les Yost
Margie Reece 2011 Robert Palmer
Debra Wolff 2012 Rory Wolff
Faith Lyon  2013  Robert Palmer 
Mary Boston  2014  Hoyt Boston
Holly Lyon 2015 Robert Palmer
Debbie Wolff 2016 Rory Wolff
Janet Doolittle 2017 Arden Doolittle
Sharon Kress 2018 Tom Kress


Past Grand Appointments
Jennie M. Cole Grand Marshal 1896
Jennie Stutzman  Deputy Grand Matron  1902
Franc J. Seymour Deputy Grand Matron 1908
Anna D. Wallace Deputy Grand Matron 1911-1912
Anna D. Wallace Grand Rep. Kansas 1913
Franc J. Seymour Grand Rep. Wyoming 1916
Ann Hinds  Grand Rep. Washington  1917 
Bessie Cutis  Deputy Grand Matron  1920 
Ardelle Ingleston Deputy Grand Matron 1921
Jane Cannon  Deputy Grand Matron 1933 
Bessie Jenkins Deputy Grand Matron 1936
Rose Grubb  Deputy Grand Matron  1941 
Fairy Franks Grand Rep. Alabama 1945
Bernice Line Grand Rep. Oklahoma 1953
Dorothy Edwards  Deputy Grand Matron  1956
Mary Ward  Deputy Grand Matron  1962 
Eileen McConnell Deputy Grand Matron 1965
Nancy Hansford  Grand Ruth  1970
Phyliss Dundon Grand Rep. Pennsylvania 1970
Norma Eldridge Deputy Grand Matron 1974
Nancy Hansford  Grand Rep. Louisiana  1975
Bruce Hansford  Worthy Grand Patron  1977 
Florence Scherer  Grand Marshal  1979 
Nancy Hansford  Drill Director  1982 
Rachel Barlett  Grand Rep. Maryland  1982 
Sylvia Palmer Grand Rep. New York 1983
Sylvia Palmer Deputy Grand Matron 1984
Rachel Barlett  Drill Director  1988 
Bruce Barlett  Drill Director  1988
Erma Hoover Grand Rep. Michigan 1992
Betty Rhodes  Grand Rep Scotland 1993 
Ann Klein Deputy Grand Matron 2000
Iris Palmer Grand Rep. California 2002-2004
Robert Palmer Worthy Grand Patron 2004
Jean Sisson  Grand Rep Sao Paulo Brazil  2004 
Lois Yost Grand Rep. Illinois 2007
Judith Miller-Davidson  Grand Rep Minnesota  2008 
Kathy Tinker Deputy Grand Matron 2010-2011
Kathy Tinker  Grand Chaplain  2015
Holly Lyon Grand Representative to Florida 2015
Faith Lyon Deputy Grand Matron 2016-2017


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District 2

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xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

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xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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