Pleiades Chapter #298

District 9

Order of the Eastern Star

303 E Poplar Street, Sidney

Meetings:  1st Tuesday

No Meetings January and February

2018 Officers

Worthy Matron Lee Fearnley 
Worthy Patron Ralph Feranley, PP
Associate Matron Sylvia Smith, PM  
Associate Patron Stacy Smith, PP
Secretary Debby Pitts, PM 
Treasurer Elaine Pumphrey, PM  
Conductress Pat Reineke, PM  
Associate Conductress Debi Wood   
Chaplain Rev. Joe Pumphrey  
Marshal Rob Morrison, PP  
Organist Mary Cupp    
Adah Connie Snider, PM  
Ruth Betty Setsor-Prescott, PM 
Esther Sheryl Regula, PM  
Martha Julie Morrison, PM 
Electa Sue Yaney  
Warder Shirley Rose, PM  
Sentinel Neil Staley
Chapter e-mail address  

Dates to Remember

November 11
Installation of Officers
November 17 Winter Wonderland Parade.  Serve Coffee and Hot Chocolate, popcorn & hot dogs
December 5
Stated Meeting.  Wear Christmas finery
December 9
Breakfast with Santa at Masonic Center
2017 January and February NO MEETINGS
March 6
Stated Meeting.  Welcome back
March 16 Grand Master's Reception - Preparing and serving dinner
March 17 Blue Lodge Inspection.  Prepare and serve lunch
April 3
Stated Meeting.  Protem Initiation
April 27 District Celebration with WGM and WGP
May 1
Stated Meeting.  Protem Initiation
May 12
Annual Inspection of Pleiades
June 5
Stated Meeting.  Election of Officers
July 3
Stated Meeting.  Service Awards evening for 75,65,60,50 and 25 year members
August 7
Stated Meeting
September 4 Stated Meeting
September 27-30
Grand Chapter
October 2 Stated Meeting
November 6 Stated Meeting

Points of Interest

Pleiades Chapter #298 was instituted on October 5, 1908 and charted on October 27, 1908.

Our Chapter currently meets on the 1st Tuesday of the months March through December at 7:30PM.

Vacation months are January and February.

Our Past Matron's group meet the 2nd Mondays at 6:00 PM at the choosing of the hostess for that month.

Chapter activities include, preparing and serving dinners for our local Masonic bodies.

Preparing and serving hot chocolate and coffee at the city’s annual Winter Wonderland parade.

The chapter sponsors two small children at Christmas time with gifts of much needed clothing and a special toy.

The Past Matron’s group sponsors two elderly ladies at Christmas time with items they had requested.

The chapter sponsors a Breakfast with Santa in December for the children with Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus posing for pictures with each. Each child receives a copy of their picture.

Charities supported are Children’s Dyslexia Center (Dayton), YMCA, Salvation Army school supply program, Alpha Center, Special Olympics, FISH (Friends in Service of Humanity), Compassionate Care, Hospice, Relay for Life and the Nicholas Center.

Grand Chapter Charities supported include, District Charities, OES Home Endowment, OES Home Operating, ESTARL, Crippled Children’s Fund (Shriners) and Masonic Home to name a few.




Past Grand Patron

Bruce Ailes, PGG Stokes #543


Deputy Grand Matron #9 NW #5

Cathy Broughton #256
Troy #256

Grand Representative to Mississippi in Ohio
Julie Morrison
Sharon #132


ESTARL Chairperson

Jennifer Jameison
Celina #91


Out of State Registration

Susan Ellis
Ft Black #336


Charities Director

Tammy Parke
Troy #256

Page to DGM #9

Linda Zerkle

Troy #256

Aide to DGM #9

Roger Wooddell

Stokes #546


2017 Grand Chapter Committee Members

Linda Zerkle, Credentials Troy #256

Debbie Pitts, Out of State Registration Pleiades #298


District Nine Officers

Sylvia Smith – President Pleiades #298

Carol Eshelman—Vice President Tippecanoe #307

Susan Ellis—Secretary Ft. Black #336

Dennis Zerkle—Treasurer Troy #256


Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

Social Networking

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