Brecksville Chapter #537
District #3
Order of the Eastern Star

8922 Brecksville Road, Brecksville

2nd and 4th Thursday
(no 2nd meeting in the months of November and December)
No Meeting in July or August

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Theme for 2017 - 2018

Always Aim For The Moon And Reach For The Stars

From the East

To our beloved Breacksville Chapter we humbly thank you for electing us to serve as your 75th Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.  It is our hope that this year will put a smile on your face with a few surprises along the way.

Stay tuned....

To our 2018 Officers, Auxiliary Officers and Committee Members and to All who have offered their help along the way, thank you for saying yes when you were asked.

To our Sisters, Brothers, Families and Friends, we encourage you to ALWAYS AIM FOR THE MOON AND REACH FOR THE STARS.

Sisters and Brothers we hope you will attend, participate and enjoy our beautiful Order whenever you can.  We love each of you!!

With Star Love,
Dana and Hank



2018 Officers  
Worthy Matron Dana Krazel, PM
Worthy Patron Hank James, PP
Associate Matron Amy James, PM
Associate Patron David James, PP
Secretary Norita Harris, PM - 440-237-5802
Treasurer Gale Betterly, PM
Conductress Jill Moliff, PM
Associate Conductress Katheryn Stec, PM
Chaplain Betty Jones, PM
Marshal Peggy Berteau, PM
Organist Elaine Hammond, PM
Adah Linda Pierson, PM
Ruth Diana Kriedman, PM
Esther Belva Smith, PM
Martha Arlene Kava, PM
Electa Phylilis Phillips, PM
Warder Florence Mayer
Senitinel Gayle Adamek, PM
Auxilary Officers
Vivian Chrisopulous - PGM, Hillery Cox - PM. Janet James - PM, Julia Reimold, William Cox - PGP, Robert Berteau - PP, Edwin Jones - PP, Barry Siegel - PP, Linda Lindberg, PM

Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron

                                 Chapter Officers                                  

2018 Chapter Committees  
Gayle Adamek, PM
3 Years
Vivian Chrisopulos, PGM
2 Years
William Cox, PGP
1 Year
Peggy Berteau
3 Years
Linda Pierson
2 Years
Hillery Cox
1 Year
Amy James, PM Chairman
David James, PP Jill Moliff, PM
Katheryn Stec, PM Trustees
Linda Lindberg, PM
3 Years
Vivian Chrisopulos, PGM
2 years
William Cox, PGP 1 Year
 Hank James, WP
 Jill Moliff, PM
Membership Continuity   
Norita Harris, PM  Chair
Jill Moliff, PM
Gale Betterly, PM
Katheryn Stec, PM
Janet James, PM  
Hospitality and Refreshment
Gayle Adamek, PM
Rainbow Representative  
Jill Moliff, PM  
Belva Smith, PM
Arlene Kava, PM
Phyliss Phillips, PM
Charlotte Bull
Elaine Hammond, PM
Janet James PM
Linda Pierson, PM
Dana Krazel - 330-998-5584    
Julia Reimold 330-620-4362 May - November
Belva Smith - 440-877-9772 November - May
Temple Board  
Norita Harris, PM
David James, PP  
3rd District Association  
Katheryn Stec, PM
Ways & Means  
Amy James, PM  
Jill Moliff, PM
66 Club Representative  
Hank James, WP
David James, PP
Website Coordinator Dorothy Berman, PM 
Memorial Committee
Dorothy Berman, PM  
Publications and Bulletins  
Dana Krazel, WM
Gale Betterly, PM
Diana Kriedman, PM  
Calling Committee  
Dana Krazel, WM Chairman
Hank James, WP
Norita Harris, PM Amy James, PM
Gayle Adamek, PM Katheryn Stec, PM

Proud Home Chapter of:
Vivian Chrisopulos, GGC Ambassador to Philippines, Past Grand Matron
Grand Chapter of Ohio 
William Cox,  Past Grand Patron
Marge Ramsdell
Past Grand Matron, Grand Chapter of Washington
Hillery Cox, Grand Representative
Puerto Rico
 Linda Lindberg, Grand Representative


Quilt is presented to WGM

Worthy Matron Dana and Worthy Patron Hank with Gale Betterly who put together the quilt

Gale Butterly with WGM Sandy Herman

Brecksville square for the quilt that district 3 WM's gave
the WGM at District party.

Past Grand Matron Vivian Chrisopulos with
Grand Representative of Scotland in Ohio, Linda Lindberg


PGP Bill Cox and wife Hillery, GR to Puerto Rico



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xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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