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The History of Brecksville Chapter #537
Brecksville, Ohio
Order of the Eastern Star

Brecksville Chapter No. 537 (District 3) was instituted on July 26, 1943, with 50 members.  Agnes McCreery and William Buesser were the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.  Lincoln Chapter donated the Star Point pedestals.  In 1952, several men of the Chapter made new pedestals, so the old ones were given to Kawartha Chapter in Fenelan Falls, Ontario, Canada.  The organ was acquired in 1954 through the efforts of Florence Fennell, who was Worthy Matron that year.  Brecksville Chapter has worked together with Theodore Breck Lodge to support both a Rainbow Assembly and a DeMolay Chapter at the Brecksville Temple.

The Chapter has been honored to support Sister Vivian Chrisopulos with many receptions and visitations, and celebrated its 50th birthday in 1993, the 60th birthday in 2003, and the 70th brirthday in 2013.

Brecksville Chapter has received the following Grand Appointments:
Ruth Chase - Grand Martha, 1957
Herbert Beckett - Chairman of Arrangements, Grand Chapter - 1970
June Beckett - Grand Rerpresentative of Oklahoma - 1970
Vivian Chrisopulos - Third District Association President - 1986; Grand Esther - 1988; Worthy  Grand Matron - 1996; and Worthy Grand Warder - 2009-2010 - G.G.C. Ambassador to the Phillippines 2015-2018
George Chrisopulos - Trustee, Cuyahoga County Eastern Star Home - 1987
Fay Eden - Grand Representative of New Jersey - 1984
Richard Eden - Chairman of Arrangements - 1984
Belva Smith - Grand Representative of the District of Columbia - 1996
Janet James - Grand Representative of Louisiana - 2000
Gayle Adamek - Third District Association President - 2001 and Grand Adah - 2002
Linda Lindberg - Deputy Grand Matron - 2007 and Third District President - 2009
Marge Ramsdell - Worthy Grand Matron of Washington - 2010
Joann Leimbach - Grand Representative of Missouri - 2010
Billie Powell-Hutchinson - Grand Representative of Arizona in Ohio - 2010
Hank James - President of the 66 Club - 2012
Amy James - Third District President -  2016
Norita Harris - Grand Representative of the District of Columbia - 2014
Hillery Cox - Grand Representative of Puerto Rico - reappointed 2016
William Cox - 2017 Worthy Grand Patron
Linda Lindberg - Grand Representative of Scotland - appointed 2017

The Chapter has also been honored by appointments of Grand Pages, Grand Aides, Grand Committee Members and General Grand Chapter Pages.

The merger of all four of our Chapters and the addition of members by affiliation has been a very positive experience for everyone.  The spirit of cooperation abounds, with all members working together and supporting each other for the common good of us all.  With hard work, dedication and our members' joint quest for Excellence, Brecksville Chapter is the Brightest Shining Star in District 3.


The History of Ellsworth Chapter #247
Richfield, Ohio
Order of the Eastern Star

Ellsworth Chapter No. 247 (a member of District 2) was instituted on August 31, 1906 and received their Charter on November 7, 1906.  Mrs. Jennie Ellsworth and Dr. F.M. Hughes were the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Partron.  Many members were 50-year members and some were given Life Memberships for outstanding service.  The first Temple was a frame building with the first floor used by business, the second floor used for Lodge and Chapter Labors.  The afternoon meetings were often cancelled due to the deep mud or snow.  With work and fellowship, the Chapter moved in 1929 into a new Temple with adequate room for the ever increasing membership.  This building of brick and stucco, an original landmark of the community, was remodeled to fit the Chapter needs.  Evening meetings and formal attire were adopted in 1932.  The golden anniversary was observed in 1956.  The same year, the Chapter sponsored a Rainbow Assembly.

The Chapter has been honored with the following Grand Appointments:
Agnes McCreery - Grand Represntative of Quebec - 1935
Marie Carter -  Deputy Grand Matron - 1947
Virginia Horrocks - Grand Representative of Oregon - 1950
Betty Motz - Grand Representative of Oregon - 1963

Donna Monegan - Deputy Grand Matron - 1978
Joan Mortimer - Deputy Grand Matron - 1987
Linda Pierson - Grand Representative of Rhode Island - 1996 and District 2 President - 2000
Hillery Cox - Deputy Grand Matron - 2005

The Emma Newton Auxiliary made over 1,000 cancer pads yearly for the Visiting Nurses.  Bed socks for the Veterans Hospitalwere made by the Harriet Wood Auxiliary.  The ladies prepared and served weekly Kiwanis dinners.  This project was started in 1954 by Anna Metz.  Past Matrons entertained the officers each year and assisted in other projects.   The members enjoyed friendliness, fraternalism, and cooperation among the Masonic brothers, Rainbow and DeMolay.

A detailed 100-Year History of Ellsworth Chapter was prepared and presented by Life Member Sister Myrtle Haslem at the time of their 100th Anniversary celebration in 2006. 

Ellsworth Chapter merged with Brecksville Chapter on December 14, 2006.

The History of North Royalton Chapter #578
North Royalton, Ohio
Order of the Eastern Star

The nucleus of North Royalton Chapter No. 578 (District 3) was formed by ladies who had organized a group known as the Friendship Club.  The members worked diligently for eight years toward the goal of having Eastern Star in North Royalton.  Their dreams came true on July 28, 1962, at the Southwest Masonic Temple as the guests of Ellbrook Chapter No. 408 who became their Mother Chapter.  The institution ceremony was performed by Thomas W. Drake, Worthy Grand Patron, assisted by Grace W. Grether, Worthy Grand Matron.   Lois M. Lykins and R. Wayne Lykins were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.  This group of 45 dedicated men and women grew to a membership of 195.  The first Inspection was October 20, 1962 at Berea Masonic Temple with Worthy Grand Patron Thomas W. Drake as the Inspecting Officer.  On October 31, 1962, at the Grand Chapter Session in Cleveland, the Chapter received its Charter.  In June 1987, the Chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner and party at which 12 of the original Charter Members were present.  North Royalton Chapter worked together with the Edwin S. Griffiths Lodge to support both a Job's Daughter Bethel and a DeMolay Chapter at the North Royalton Temple.  The Chapter continued its service to the community and humanity and looked forward to many more years of dedication and social enjoyment, and to a commitment of love of Sisters and Brothers all over the world. 

North Royalton Chapter was honored by the following Grand Appointments:
Lois Lykins - Grand Chaplain - 1966
Charlotte Pohle - Grand Representative of Virginia - 1973
Adella Davies - Grand Representative of Wyoming and Third District Association President - 1978
Audrey Pfeifer - Third District Association President - 1997
Billie Powell-Hutchinson - Grand Organist in Arizona -  1996 and Grand Representative of Texas in Arizona - 1999
Arlene Kava - Grand Representative of Texas - 1998 and Deputy Grand Matron - 2003

The Chapter was also honored by appointments of Grand Pages, Grand Aides, Grand Chapter Committee members and four members were awarded Life Membership for outstanding service to the Chapter.

The Chapter celebrated its 40th Birthday with a "Ruby Anniversary" party at the Al Koran Shrine Temple in 2002.

North Royalton Chapter merged with Brecksville Chapter on June 30, 2003.

The History of Summit Chapter #512
Twinsburg, Ohio
Order of the Eastern Star

Summit Chapter No. 512 (a member of District 2)  was instituted April 11, 1928 by Worthy Grand Patron, Brother Victor H Salkeld, and received their Charter on October 24, 1928 at Grand Chapter with 63 members.  Hudson Chapter was the Mother Chapter.  Emma Bishop and Frank Ham served as the first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.  The meetings were held at the Masonic Temple "on the square" in Twinsburg.  Many happy and fruitful years were spent there, and in 1957 the Temple was sold, and during the following year the Chapter met in the Hudson Masonic Temple.  On May 22, 1958, the first meeting was held in the new Temple.  The Chapter has helped in many ways to make the Temple comfortable and attractive, furnishing items for the kitchen and dining room, and through the efforts of the members, have replaced the altar and pedestals; one of the members constructed them, another painted the emblems.  The Chapter purchased an organ, carpet, and remodeled the East of the Chapter Room, all adding enjoyment and beauty.  The two auxiliaries and Past Matrons were very generous in supporting the Ways & Means Projects.  The Chapter celebrated its 75th anniversary with a Grand Visitation by Worthy Grand Matron, Betty Dawn Hardman and Worthy Grand Patron, Larry Groves, in 2003.  Worthy Matron, Kathy Resek Stec, was married in the Chapter Room on June 27, 2004 to Gregory Stec.  Kathy was escorted by Clarence (Butch) Butcher, her Worthy Patron.  Sam Crick, the Associate Patron, served as the Best Man.  All of her officers served as bridesmaids, wearing their Chapter dresses.  The Chapter Bible was on a  small altar at the front of the room.

The Chapter has been honored with several Grand Appointments:
Drucy Waite Thornton - Grand Representative of Massachusetts - 1942
Reata Kec - Deputy Grand Matron - 1963
Annette Myers - Deputy Grand Matron - 1982 and District 2 President - 1984
Elaine Hammond - Grand Representatives of South Carolina - 1995
Elizabeth Ewendt - Grand Representative of Virginia - 2004
Elaine Hammond - Grand Organist - 2006 and District 2 President - 2007
Dorothy Berman - Trustee, OES Home - 2007-2010

The Chapter has also been honored by appointments of Grand Pages, Grand Aides and Grand Chapter Committee members.

Summit Chapter merged with Brecksville Chapter on April 8, 2010


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