Amelia Chapter #338

District 22

The Order of the Eastern Star
290 Judd Road, Amelia Ohio 45102

Meetings - 2nd and 4th Monday January - September

Theme: All Things Dr.Seuss 
Color: Red and White
Honored Station: Treasurer
Dr. Seuss:
"Unless Someone Like You

Cares A Whole Awful Lot.
Not is Going to Get
Better It's Not"

Why Hat On
Where You Were
Born To
Stand Out !!

2018 - 2019 Officers

Worthy Matron Jeni Casbar, PM
Worthy Patron David Sexton, PGP
Associate Matron Amy Stevens, PM  
Associate Patron Rick Gullett, PP  
Secretary Norma Poe, PM
Treasurer Dolores Warden, PM  
Conductress D. Marie Pierce, PM  
Associate Conductress   Joan Sexton, PM  
Chaplain John Pierce, PP
Marshall Jim Wolf
Organist Alfred "Butch" Determan  
Adah Rochelle Taggert, PM  
Ruth Sherry Rouvier, PM
Esther Gaynell Britton, PM
Martha Paula Mooney
Electa Carolyn Awalt, PM
Warder Leon Awalt
Sentinel Janet Hale

Contact List
Worthy Matron - Jeni Casbar 910-7370
Worthy Patron - Dave Sexton 313-1811
Secretary - Norma Poe - 266-2679



Trustees Dennis Sepeck - PP
Ruth Lang - PM
Tina Gullett - Jr PM

Audit Charles Douglas - PP
Sherry Rouvier - PM
Joan Sexton  - PM
Ways and Means Amy Stevens - PM
Budget Worthy Matron - Jeni Casbar - PM
Worthy Patron - Dave Sexton - JPGP
Associate Matron - Any Steven - PM
Conductress - D. Marie Pierce - PM
Good Cheer Janet Hale
Sympathy Janet Hale
Funeral All Officers
Prompter - Pages Tina Gullett, Renee Taggett
Lorrie Wolf
Photographer Vicki Ruiz
Entertainment Worthy Matron -  Jeni Casbaar
Conductress -  D. Marie Pierce
Chaplain - John Pierce

Newsletter & News Releases Janet Hale, Dolores Warden

Scholorship Committee Chair - Norma Poe, PM
Janet Hale
WM - Jeni Casbar
WP - Dave Sexton
BJ Phillips, PM
Excellent Award Chair person - Janet Hale
Worthy Matron - Jeni Casbar
Worthy Patron - Dave Sexton

Decorations BJ Phillips, PM

District Officers of Amelia Chapter Dolores Warden - 3rd Vice President

Our Food Committee
 Melissa Large - Cindy Grant

Cleanup Committee EVERYONE


2018-2019 Community Project

Making Every Child in a Holly Hill School in Clermont County having a homemade scarf, gloves and a Hat and candy given to them by Our Eastern Star Chapter #338.  We made over 500 scarfs.  When our Amelia Mason's #150 found out what we were doing they gave us their money they were going to use for a needy family to help the students. They are 400 students in that school. We are also collecting 400 books so each student will receive a book to take home at the end of the year from our Chapter. When we went into the school they couldn't believe what we did. The principle was so happy.

We Visit our Senior Blessings and take our Newsletters with us. Also, let them know what's going on at Chapter. Take them to the doctors' appointment.  Stayed many nights with them when they couldn't be alone. Made food for them. Helped them in any way that we could. Help them with housework and laundry.

Chapter Programs and Charities

Four Years Chapter Excellent


Scholarship - West Clermont School and Milford School


Home Chapter of:

David Sexton,Jr PGP - Past Grand Patron of Grand Chapter of Ohio
Mae Scott - Grand Representative of Indiana
Joan Sexton, Grand Representative of West Virginia
Dolores Warden, 3rd Vice President of District 22


Our Chapter received Gold Chapter for the Excellence Award.

We have received Gold three times and Silver once

     Rainbow Assembly 

These are the Rainbows Girls that meet in our building and we support them in everything that they do.
International Order Of the Rainbow Girls Amelia Assembly #190.
Mother Advisor & Board Member: Brenda Sepeck (Amelia Chapter #338)
Deputy Grand Advisor, Board Member: Joyce Conley (Williamsburg Chapter #185)
Board Members: Cheryl & Terry  Depriest- (Dorcas Chapter)
Board Member: Dennis Sepeck, PP (Amelia Chapter #338)
Board Member: Kim Stamper (Linden Chapter #348)
If you need any information about becoming a Rainbow Girl please call  Brenda Sepeck and she will answer all of  your questions. Brenda's phone number is 513- 910-5579. Brenda's email is:  The Girls have a lot of fun and they also help both the Amelia Eastern Star and the Amelia Lodge  and Buckeye Lodge with community projects, Wounded Warriors. Relay for Life, Car Shows, Valentine Dinner for our Widows and our Christmas Party. The Rainbow Girls meet at the Amelia Lodge at 290 Judd Road  Amelia, Ohio 45102. . You can become a Rainbow Girl between the age between the ages of 11 years old to 18 years old.
The Meeting are on the First and Fourth Monday of the Month.

We have a scholarship for their dues from a member that was set up .


In 1911, local transportation was largely by horse and buggy or by rail. The Portsmouth Rail Line ran through Amelia and Bethel. State Route 125 through Amelia was unpaved. There was a toll gate in the village of Amelia. Women couldn’t vote and, for the most part stayed home and worked and the men worked in the business world. It was into this kind of a setting that Amelia Chapter #338, Order of the Eastern Star came into being. On Saturday, May 20, 1911 Amelia Chapter #338 was begun. At the first meeting the chapter voted to increase the annual dues from $1.00 to $1.50 which remained in effect until sometime in the mid-century.  On more than one occasion when someone needed to leave and caught the train home, the meeting was adjourned, refreshments were served, the people taking the train left and the meeting was resumed. During the next several years the chapter continued to grow.

When the country entered the war in Europe in 1917, our chapter responded to its patriotic duty. They bought a Fifty Dollar Liberty Bond. At the request of the Red Cross for socks, they used money from the Penny Fund to purchase yarn for knitting and the secretary was directed to order a dozen copies of the American Patriot.

 They never seemed to miss an opportunity for a party and voted to have a social later in the year with cake and ice cream.

The Chapter survived its first inspection and paid its bills. Money was a different commodity in those days. Some of the bills paid were: 75 cents for secretary’s supplies, 65 cents for petition blanks, 55 cents for postage and stationery, $1.60 for inspectress’s fee, $4.80 for ice cream and a $5.00 payment on the organ.

During the years the chapter grew. At one time it was thought that Tuesday evening might be a better time to meet, but then they changed and it went back to Saturday and stayed that way until changed to the present second and fourth Mondays many years later.

Early 1930’s The Great Depression. The Worthy Grand Matron instructed the chapters to be as lenient as possible with members in arrears with their dues during this time of depression.

Amelia Chapter has had many Grand Appointments including Grand Adah, Deputy   Grand Matrons, Grand Representatives, Grand Choir Director, Grand Pages and Grand Aides and Charity Directories down through the years. Yes, we are blessed!

Our locations changed over the years but, we are settled now on Judd Road with the Amelia Mason’s. We are very blessed to have our Brothers by our sides with our Buckeye Lodge # 190. We share a fraternal love with our sisters and our brothers. 

We also have Amelia Rainbow Girls that meet the first and three Monday. If you know any girls between the age from 11 years old to 21 years old please contact The Mother Advisor, Brenda Sepeck at 

513-910-5579 or email Brenda at

The Amelia Lodge has started the DeMoley for ages 12 years old until 20 years old. you may call Mike Phillips at 513-439-0476 or Karl Phillips at 513-238-3452 or email him at




Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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