Beaver Valley Chapter #570
District 18
Order of the Eastern Star
3565 Dayton-Xenia Road
Beavercreek   45434-1324

Meetings - 2nd Wednesday of the month
7:30 PM with Dinner prior at 6:30 PM
September thru June
Beaver Valley is a really wonderful Eastern Star Chapter!  We have a great deal of fun, do good ritualistic work, and have many community projects and charities that we support.  Our members have served the Grand Chapter of Ohio, holding a number of Grand Appointments as well as acting as representatives on various committees throughout the Order of the Easter Star.
Date of Birth: July 26, 1958 (Chartered)
THEME Memories are the jewels of God's Garden

MOTTO "When you are going through something hard and wonder where GOD is remember...the teacher is always quiet during a test."

SCRIPTURE   Isaiah 58:11
"And the LORD shall give continually, and satisfy the soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thous shall be like a water garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not"
SYMBOLS Jewels: Aquamarine, Topas, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby
COLORS Teal with silver
FLOWER Forget-Me-Not
HONORING The History of Beaver Valley Chapter: 1958-2018

2017 - 2018 Officers
Worthy Matron April Smith, PM
Worthy Patron Ron Smith
Associate Matron Georgia Group, PM
Associate Patron Gene Group, PP
Secretary Bunny Joseph
Treasurer Denise Vanderhorst, PM
Conductress Cathy Scarpelli,PM
Associate Conductress Keesha Evans, PM
Chaplain Kim Booker, PM
Marshal Alan Booker, PP
Organist Bob Vanderhorst
Adah Rhonda Boos
Ruth Open
Esther Sherri Bretland, PM
Martha Amanda Vanderhorst
Electa Jane Junes
Warder Al Partida
Sentinel Skip Vanderhorst, PP
Sunshine Chairperson Carol Oldham
Web site coordinator Keesha Evans

Charitable Service Projects

Glenda Goodwitch Project
WREATHS Across America
Local Food Pantry (Beavercreek Fish)
Domestic Violence Shelter
Humane Society

GGC Regenerative Medicine Project
Worthy Grand Matron's Project

2017-2018  Schedule
December Christmas Celebration - wear your best Christmas dress
January Our Dedication to Eastern Star ~ Re-Obligation
February Will you be my Valentine? ~ Practice Initiation
March The Luck of the Irish is with US ~ Practice Initiation
April We Celebrate Easter ~  Annual Inspection of Officers 

May When a Child is Born, So is a Mother ~ A Tribute to Moms
June A Father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be
Honoring Fathers ~ Elections and Committee Reports

June/July Summer Break

September Back to School ~ Honoring Past Matrons & Past Patrons of Beaver Valley Chapter

October Eat, Drink & be Scary ~ Halloween Party ~ wear your  best costume

November Let Us Give Thanks ~ We Honor our Veterans

God's Garden

God made a beauteous garden
With lovely flowers strown
But one straight, narrow pathway
That was not overgrown

And to this beauteous garden,
He brought mankind to live,
And said "To you, my children,
These lovely flowers I give.

 Prune ye vines and fig trees,
With care my flowers tend,
But keep the pathway open
Your home is at the end."

~ Robert Frost

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Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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