Caroline Chapter #39

District #18

The Order of Eastern Star
  10 North Main Street
Mechanicsburg, 43044

Meetings - First Monday of the Month
except July and August

Light meal - 6:30 PM  Meeting - 7:30 PM


2018 - 2019 Year


"If you seek an angel with an open heart
you shall always find one"


"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some peopole have entertained angels without knowing it."
Hebrews 13:2 NIV


Marshal and Electa

2018 - 2019 Officers
Worthy Matron Jody Bails
Worthy Patron Rick Bails
Associate Matron Esther Manker
Associate Patron David Peters
Secretary Jeanette Roberts 
Treasurer Marion Johnson
Conductress Suzanne Dick
Assoc. Conductress Paula Holmes
Chaplain Alfred Johnson
Marshal Bill Instine
Organist Carol Kauffman
Adah Janet Sheehan
Ruth Gerre Slane
Esther Myra Oliver
Martha Jeanne Godden
Electa Nancy Instine
Warder Karen Bodey
Sentinel Jim Oliver

2018 Pages and Aides
Janet Williams
Annajean Owen
Ray Roberts

Honored Members of Caroline Chapter
Carol Kauffman - Past Grand Matron
Jody Bails - Grand Representative of North Dakota

Marion Johnson - Grand Chapter Historian
Ray RobertsSecretary of 44 Club

Meeting Notes!
Our December meeting began with a huge variety of delicious appetizers to savor and enjoy!  Thanks to all who shared their cooking talents!  And we enjoyed the Christmas jewelry and ties, as well as the table decorations and Christmas candies! 
We were delighted to have Grand Esther, Jill Riddle, and her husband Scott, WP of Sterling Chapter #74 come to visit us.  They were not available for our Installation, so they got to see a shortened version as Marion Johnson and Jeanette Roberts installed our Conductress and Chaplain.  Our Ruth is still not healed from her surgery, so we are hoping she is up to joining us in 2019.  
We agreed to donate $100 from our "C" dollar collection to another person who needs funds for transportation.  Another $50 was collected, and one of the "angel sightings" was of a young man with mental challenges who handed Al Johnson a fist full of "C" dollars with a wide grin on Sunday!  WM, Jody Bails, and Paula Holmes also shared "angel sightings."  Contributions for sharing will be made to the District Charities, and each meeting, we will be asked to share.  Marion Johnson and Jeanette Roberts were presented in the west as Christmas angels, and were each given an angel from the WM's collection!  We also discussed the Home Star Social Club box items.  We will collect them for our September meeting, and will decide later if we will sponsor a Social Club meeting at the Home. A large amount of paper goods were brought tonight to be donated to the Food Pantry at North Lewisburg. 
Merry Christmas!

Upcoming Events

Our next meeting will be January 7, in the new year!  Al and Marion Johnson will provide a light meal at 6:30.  We will be renewing our Obligation, planning the Masonic Inspection Dinner, which will be on February 22nd, a Friday.  We hope to have several Angel Sightings, and it will be fun to see who the chosen Angels are for this month!  Remember to keep your eye out for "C" dollars, and let us know if you find someone who could use some assistance.

January 7, 2019 Caroline Chapter meeting 6:30 dinner 7:30 mtg

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xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

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xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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