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Does your Chapter have a web page on the Ohio Grand Chapter Web Site?

Why should your Chapter have a web page?

1 – To have a presence on the World Wide Web

2 – To have a place that your members can go for information about what is coming up – ie meetings, charity events, social events

3 – To keep your Chapter members which can not attend or now live out of the area, advised all the good things the Chapter is doing for it's members and the Community in which they meet.

4 – For information on the Chapter for those either new to the area or who would now be interested in becoming a member. Yes – Several Chapters have gotten new members thru their web page.

5 – For relatives of members who might have to contact the Chapter because of illness or even death of a member. Yes, I receive calls, as does the Grand Secretary from family members for information such as this.

How do we get a web page for our Chapter?

1 – Use one of the many FREE programs on the web to crate one.

2 – Piggy back with one of the Masonic Lodges in you Masonic Temple or District.

3 – The person who is going to be doing the page ask me for a ID and Password to be able to get inside the Ohio Grand Chapter website to do so. Once receiving the ID and Password and a blank page to work on along with a Tutorial on working with our program Joomla you are good to go.

4 – Have me, the webmaster create a page for you. All you need do is to send me the information that is to go on the page. The best way to do so, send me a digital copy of your Installation program and go from there. Your page will be created and posted. Then as additional information is available it can be added, such as a calendar and pictures taken at your activities. The saying a “picture is worth a thousand words” is very true.

There is NO COST to the Chapter by Ohio Grand Chapter

The Ohio Grand Chapter's site can be view from any Computer, Pad or IPhone

It would be appreciated if every web page has atleast one email address. Either the WM or the Secretary would be appreciated.


Yes, having a Facebook page is good and very useful and great for your Chapter. However they are only as good as those that are also on Facebook and can see and read them. Why not have both? Think of how many people could know about all the great things your Chapter is doing for it's members and community and want to be a part of it if qualified.

It all begins with YOU -

Contact me for any questions or assistance. Find my information on the Ohio Grand Chapter Web Site Home Page


Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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