District 13, Grand Chapter of Ohio, OES
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District 13 District Association of Chapters Officers L to R
Treasurer Ginger Evans, East Palestine #381:
Secretary Brenda Klein, Salem Chapter #334:

Vice President Brenda Momirovic, Legacy Chapter #596,
President Grace McClester, Crystal Chapter #18

2019 District Association Theme: Support the Arts
Each Chapter is to have an ARTS Rep.
They are to track all the arts happenings in
the community including who attended.


District 13 Chapter Officers 
President Patricia Kasselman, East Palestine #381:
Vice President Debbie Anderson, Legacy #596:
Treasurer Glenna Carter, Carroll #315:
Missing Secretary Lynn Clark, Salem #334


"2018 Grand Chapter Kudos”


Chapter Excellent Award



Carroll Chapter #315

Crystal Chapter #18

East Palestine Chapter #381

Legacy Chapter #596


Circle of Knowledge Participants

Pin received

Dorothy Ballard, Legacy Chapter #596

Nancy McMillin, East Palestine Chapter #381


Ritual Competition Participants


Dorothy Ballard, Legacy Chapter #596

Karen Jones, Crystal Chapter #18

Nancy McMillin, East Palestine Chapter #381 – 3rd Place Chaplain


District 13 Distinguished Members

General Grand Chapter Committee Members

Membership Committee Carol Jones, Legacy Chapter #596

Service Dogs Committee Trevor Sproul, Legacy Chapter #596


Past Grand Matrons and Patrons


Past Grand Matron Marilyn J. Giey, Legacy Chapter #596

Past Grand Matron Carol Jones, Legacy Chapter #596

Past Grand Patron Larry Groves 33o, Legacy Chapter #596

Past Grand Patron Trevor Sproul, Legacy Chapter #596

Deputy Grand Matrons

District 13 Cathy Maurer, Legacy Chapter #596


Pennsylvania Region 3A Nancy McMillin, East Palestine Chapter #381


Grand Representatives of Other Grand Jurisdictions in Ohio


Kansas Brenda Klein, Salem Chapter #334

Michigan Barbara Stuart, Legacy Chapter #596

Ohio Eastern Star Home


Trustee Barbara Stuart, Legacy Chapter #596


Members of Grand Chapter Committees


Mergers & Consolidations Marilyn J. Giey, PGM, Legacy Chapter #596



Children Dyslexia Centers, Inc Jodi Sproul, Legacy Chapter #596


Speakers & Resource Bureau Rev. Amy Shaw, Legacy Chapter #596


District Charities Director Ginger Evans, East Palestine #381


State Charity project: selling pine seedlings. They are $3.00.

The Charities Director will have them at Installation.

Each Chapter is collecting change to benefit a local charity.













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Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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