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General History

As compiled by Historian, Janice Williams of Louisville Chapter, assisted by Marilyn Giey of Legacy Chapter. Their work is summarized here, all in one file, even though it is being written in several installments as time progresses. District 13 is appreciative of their work and is glad to share it below for all who are interested.

The District 13 Association of Chapters was organized April 18, 1924. The first meeting was held at the Alliance Masonic Temple, Alliance, Ohio, with 18 Chapters represented. The Worthy Matron of Alliance acted as temporary chairman.

The Deputy Grand Matron explained that this meeting had been called by the Worthy Grand Matron to organize a District Association and that all members of the District were eligible to be members. At this time all but 11 of the 25 Districts in Ohio were organized.

The purpose and idea of the Association were in reality a miniature Grand Chapter to get together and draw closer, to get new ideas, to take care of grievances sometimes too small to be taken to the Grand Chapter and for social advantages for the small chapters. At this time a motion was made to proceed with the Association.

Sister Lucinda Lodge of Iva Chapter #311, Lisbon, Ohio, was elected President of the Association, and Brother Norman Fetters of Alliance Chapter #296, Vice President, both to serve one year. After a lengthy discussion, a motion was made and seconded that the Secretary and Treasurer should be appointed by the Deputy Grand Matron. The first Secretary was Eva McCombs from Wellsville Chapter #417 Wellsville, Ohio, and the Treasurer was Cree B. Poole from Carroll Chapter #315, Carrollton, Ohio. Both of these were to serve one year terms as well.

The second meeting was held six months later. The President, Sister Lucinda Lodge, stated that the Worthy Grand Matron had requested that the District select a color and flower so each member of the District could wear the flower and sit together at Grand Chapter. The color chosen was pink and the flower Chrysanthemums.

In reviewing the minutes it was noted that the initiatory work was put on by sisters and brothers chosen throughout the District. Afterwards the Worthy Grand Matron answered any questions in regards to various phases of the work. It wasn't until 1962 that the Grand Officers exemplified the ritualistic work. In 1965 the work was put on by the Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons of District 13. Since 1966 it has been done by the Grand Officers.


The expenses were quire different in 1924. One bill was to the Secretary for 50 cents. A bill for phone expenses to the President was 85 cents.


Each Chapter was granted $25.00 to help with the expenses of the entertainment for the Association meeting. Each year $10.00 was to be spent for a gift for the Worthy Grand Matron.


It was interesting to see how a nominating committee was picked. The name of each Chapter in the District was placed in a box. The names of the first six drawn were to constitute the nominating committee. Each of these chapters then named their representative.


At the fourth annual meeting, to obtain funds necessary for defraying expenses of the Association, each Chapter was asked to pay annually three cents per member in good standing. The per capita that first year was $138.74. In 1963, the per capita was raised to five cents. The current per capita rate is now 15 cents per member.


At the fifth annual meeting the Worthy Grand Matron, Ella Vornheder, advised that the afternoon session be devoted to the transaction of business of the District Association. The evening session would be held as a special meeting of the Hostess Chapter, be opened and closed by their officers, and a record of it kept in their minutes as well as the minutes of the District Association. The corps of District Officers could then confer the degrees and all would conform to Eastern Star Law.


In June 1931, at the ninth annual meeting of the District, we welcomed nine new chapters and thirteen left. We now had six chapters from Stark County and nine from Summit County.


In March 1932, the District was reorganized again. Nine chapters in Summit County left and fourteen were added from Mahoning, Columbiana and Carroll Counties.


The 13th District was now composed of 20 chapters. In 1944 Delta Chapter #539, 1950 Homeworth Chapter #553 and 1968 Wm. H. Hoover Chapter #580 were added.


Three Chapters have since relinquished their charters: 1987 - Betsy Ross, 1989 - Leetonia and 1991 –Hadassah.


Janice Williams, President

District 13, 1993


Additional history of events in District 13:


The 74th annual meeting of the District 13 Association of Chapters was held October 14, 1995 at Canal Fulton, Ohio. This was the first District meeting held under the new regional plan of the Grand Chapter of Ohio. With regional schools being held, the District meetings are now scheduled separately from the Schools.


The first School of Instruction for Region 6 of the Grand Chapter of Ohio was held on January 13, 1996 at the Canton Masonic Temple hosted by Delta Chapter #539. The School of Instruction is held on alternate years in District #13 and District #14.

The following is a list of Chapters which have merged with other Chapters in District 13:

     2/15/1987  -      Betsy Ross #464 merged with Carroll #315

     6/15/1989  -      Leetonia #253 merged with Salem #334

     6/10/1991  -      Hadassah #108 merged with Canal Fulton #180

     5/20/1995  -      Homeworth #553 merged with Esther #120

     9/21/1996  -      August #412 merged with Esther #120

     9/28/1996  -      Alma #498 merged with Alliance #296

     4/15/1997  -      Anna Eckley #392 merged with East Palestine #381

     6/5/2000   -       Wellsville #417 merged with Crystal #18

     6/7/2001   -       Orange #302 merged with Carroll #315

     3/7/2002   -       Pleasant Valley #216 merged with Carroll #315


As of this date, October 10, 2006, District 13 has a total of 13 Chapters in its Association: Alliance, Canal Fulton, Canton, Carroll, Columbiana, Crystal, Delta, East Palestine, Esther, Iva, Louisville, Salem and Wm. H. Hoover.


Janice Williams, Historian

Marilyn Giey, Assistant


2006 –>  District 13 Association, Order of the Eastern Star, History Supplement


The year of 2006-2007 in District 13 proved to be another interesting time for the members. It was exciting to learn at the Grand Chapter Session in September of 2006, Dayton, Ohio, that our District was the recipient of a Grand Officer to serve during the 2006-07 year. Sister Janice Williams, a past matron of Louisville Chapter, was appointed Grand Esther. The Deputy Grand Matron appointed was a past matron of Iva Chapter, Lisbon - Sister Jennifer Arnold.


The District was also honored with the following sisters and brothers who served during this past year:

     Grand Page for Grand Ester – Paula Bellamy, Louisville Chapter

     Grand Page for Deputy Grand Matron – Sandy Manypenny, Alliance Chapter

     Grand Aide for Grand Esther – Dewight Friend, Esther Chapter

     Grand Aide for Deputy Grand Matron – Don Jugenheimer, Iva Chapter

     District Charities – Pam Miller, Canton Chapter

     OES Resource Bureau – Amy Shaw, Wm. H. Hoover Chapter


The District Officers serving District 13 are:

     President – Evelyn Campbell, Wm. H. Hoover Chapter

     Vice President – Nancy McMillin, East Palestine Chapter

     Secretary – Kate Oesch, Salem Chapter

     Treasurer – Jennifer Arnold, Iva Chapter


Continuing to serve on Grand Chapter Committees are: Marilyn Giey, PGM, Mergers and Consolidations; Carol Jones, PGM, Eastern Star Benevolence; and Larry Groves, PGP, Grand Chapter Trustee.


Throughout this year of 2006-07, the Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Susan Dennis, and the Worthy Grand Patron, Brother Frank Clifton, visited Wm. H. Hoover Chapter, on an evening honoring PGM Marilyn Giey who served as Worthy Grand Matron 25 years ago; and Louisville Chapter honoring Larry Groves, PGP and a recipient of an honorary 33rd degree; and Janice Williams, Grand Esther. The Worthy Grand Matron also inspected Iva Chapter, the home chapter of the Deputy Grand Matron, Jennifer Arnold.


The Grand Conductress, Sister Peg Reiterman, inspected Salem Chapter and the Associate Grand Conductress, Sister Janice Goerss, inspected Carroll Chapter. The Associate Grand Conductress was also honored in Wm. H. Hoover Chapter, a meeting honoring Associate Conductresses. Sister Janice also shared a Line Officer meeting with the officers and members, teaching the duties of an Associate Conductress.


The Chapters in District 13 again shared Friendship Nights as follows:

     Delta, Wm. H. Hoover, Canton and Canal Fulton

     Esther, Carroll and Louisville

     Salem, Alliance and Columbiana

     Iva, Crystal and East Palestine


The Honored Members of the District were honored with receptions in their respective Chapters:

     Grand Esther, Janice Williams

     Deputy Grand Matron, Jennifer Arnold

     Grand Representative of Bolivia in Ohio, Sandy Stahler

     Grand Representative of Illinois in Ohio, Phyllis Conser


With the decrease in membership and active members, District 13 again experienced a need to consolidate three Chapters. A member of the Grand Chapter Mergers and Consolidation Committee, Sister Marilyn Giey, PGM, instructed the Chapters involved with the duties required to complete the consolidation of Canal Fulton Chapter, Canton Chapter and Wm. H. Hoover Chapter. An Interim Committee consisting of Interim Worthy Matron Dorothy Ballard, Interim Worthy Patron Bob Webster, Interim Secretary Dawn Tyburk and Interim Treasurer Pam Miller along with the three Trustees from each of the three chapters involved handled the necessary details of joining these chapters.


As of July 7,2007,  a new Chapter, Legacy Chapter No. 596, was formed and consolidated. The Ceremony was presided over by the Interim Committee along with the Worthy Grand Patron performing the actual consolidation ceremony. After the completion of the Consolidation of the three chapters, the Worthy Grand Matron presided during the installation of officers for the new Legacy Chapter.


With the completion of this consolidation, as of July 7, 2007, District 13 has a total of 11 Chapters in its Association: Alliance, Carroll, Columbiana, Crystal, Delta, East Palestine, Esther, Iva, Legacy, Louisville and Salem.


Janice Williams, Historian

Marilyn Giey, Assistant

September 8, 2007


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