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About OES

The Order of the Eastern Star is a fraternity of women and men dedicated to charity, truth and loving kindness. Although not a part of the Masonic fraternity, membership is based on a Masonic affiliation or relationship, a belief in a supreme being, and a desire to acquire additional knowledge for self improvement. It is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women may belong.

The degrees of the Order of the Eastern Star are lessons of fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith and love. These degrees are presented in a beautiful ritualistic ceremony designed to not only teach these lessons, but also to provide insight for future study and understanding. The personal welfare of our members is vital to all Eastern Star members and it is considered a privilege to help one another whenever we can.

Local Eastern Star Chapters select their own charities and places of service in their own communities. Some statewide projects include scholarships for ministerial students, other general scholarships for youth, support for children with learning disabilities, support for a home for aged members, and support for research or cures for disorders like cancer and heart disease.

Eastern Star proudly supports young women`s organizations such as Rainbow for Girls and Job`s Daughters as well as the young men’s organization of DeMolay for Boys.

In addition to its charitable purposes, the Eastern Star is also a social organization with frequent formal events and ceremonies, not to mention the many events filled with fun and fellowship. Being a member is a wonderful and a fulfilling way of life. Please ask an Eastern Star to tell you more about it!

If you are interested in more information about this Masonic organization, leave a message in the Guest Book and we will get back to you or email the webmaster at jenarn3@yahoo.com

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xx Michelle Howell, PGM
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