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Inspection is scheduled for April 8th at 7:30 p.m.

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Crescent Chapter #7 

8120 Main St.
Garrettsville, OH 44231

Meeting Nights are 2nd and 4th Mondays

7:30 p.m.



“But ask the animals, and they will teach you,
    or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;
or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,
    or let the fish in the sea inform you.
Which of all these does not know
    that the hand of the Lord has done this?
10 In his hand is the life of every creature
    and the breath of all mankind.

Job 12: 7-10


In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind…


Wild Animals


All Flowers


All Colors

2019 Officers

Worthy Matron
Nancy Ann Staffeld

Worthy Patron
Frank Schenck

Associate Matron
Angela Maselli

Associate Patron
Ed Trego

Marsha Loomis

Lee Anne Dean

Jocelyn Gharky

Associate Conductress
Susan Schenck

Ethel Nelson

Bonnie Louk

Elaine Hammond

Lou Ann Kilgore

Marilee Louk

Melanie Collopy

Sheila Kress

Michelle Beery

Diane Nelson

Frank Gharky

Audit Dining Room Decorations Instruction Committee
Dorothy Berman, PM All 2017 Officers Frank Gharky, WP
Susan Schenck, PM   Jocelyn Gharky PM
    Angela Maselli, PM
Budget Committee   Paraphernalia
Nancy Ann Staffeld, PM Examining / Vouching Frank Gharky, PP
Frank Schenck, PP Frank Gharky, PP  
Jocelyn Gharky, PM Conductress Angela Maselli, PM Sunshine / Welfare
Angela Maselli, PM
Nancy Ann Staffeld, PM
Frank Schenck, PP
Marsha Loomis, Chairman
   Jocelyn Gharky, PM  
By-laws Grievance Committee  
Susan Schenckl, PM Marilee Louk, PM Trustees
Frank Schenck, PP  Bonnie Louk, PP Robert MacClearie, PP   1
Diane Nelson, PM Ethel Nelson, PM Ethel Nelson, PM   2
    Nancy Cook, PM  3
Dinner Coodinators Historian/Newsletter  
Lou Ann Kilgore, WM/PM Lou Ann Kilgore, OM Registration Committee
Angela Masellie, PM    Ora Campbell, PM
  Publicity  Dorothy Brady, PM
  Kathleen Miller, PM  Betty Lou Yost, PM
Dining Room    Programs /Invitations/Web
Angela Maselli, PM Hospitality  Frank Gharky, PP
Frank Schenck, PP All 2017 Officers  


Honored Members of District 2
Susan Simpson (245), Past Grand Matron (2015)
Carolyn McCahan (596) - Past Grand Matron (2002)
Robert Palmer (46) - Past Grand Patron (2004) 
Bruce Hansford (595) - Past Grand Patron (1977)
Bruce Hansford (595), Past Grand Patron (1977)
Grand Sentinel
William Murphy (245) 
Grand Chapter Appointments
Faith Lyon (46) Credentials
Ann Cooper (114), Charities Director    
 Lou Ann Kilgore (7), Lovelinks Ambassador

Grand Representative, New Hampshire, Karen Andrus (80)
Grand Representative, Wisconsin, Joan Robinson (245)
Grand Representative, Iowa, Charlene Donner (483)

District 2 Association of Chapters
President  -  Karen Andrus (80)
Vice President  - Joan Robinson (245)
Secretary  -  Iris Palmer (46)
Treasurer  -  Peggy Compano (114)
1 Year Trustee  - Shaun Woods
2 Year Trustee  - Shirley Eckley
3 Year Trustee  -  Mark Chauncey
District 2 Diamond Club Officers
President-  Tom Eckley (518)
1st Vice President  -TBA
2nd Vice President  - TBA
Secretary/Treasurer  -  Paul McConnaughey  (458)
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer  -  Robert Palmer, PGP  (46)
Chaplain  - Clarence McNeely (518)
Historian  -  David Swartz  (245)
Trustee  -David Hyde (80)1)
Trustee  - Frank Schenck (7) (2)
Trustee  - Arthur Robinson II (245) (3)


2018 (Revised 11-18)

Nov. 26     No Meeting – Happy Thanksgiving

Dec. 10     1.Nov. & Dec. Birthdays  2.Ugliest Christmas Sweater Night

Dec. 24     No Meeting – Merry Christmas


Jan. 5       Sat. Hosting District Meeting

Jan. 14     1.Obligation Night  2. Landmarks

Jan 28      1. Jan. Birthdays  2. Mock Initiation

Feb. 11     1 Feb. Birthdays  2. O.E.S. Trivia Night

Feb. 25     Mock Initiation

Mar. 11     March Birthdays

Mar. 25     Past Matron – Past Patron Night

Apr. 8       April Birthdays

Apr. 22     Special Meeting

May 13      1. May Birthdays  2. Honor Masons

May 27      No Meeting – Memorial Day

June 10    ANNUAL MEETING – 1. Committee Reports 2. Elections

June 24    1. Casual Dress Night  2. June Birthdays

JULY – AUGUST- DARK  (Temple Picnic?)

Sept. 9     Welcome back! July, August, Sept. Birthdays

Sept. 23    No Meeting - Grand Chapter - Kalihari

Oct. 14     October Birthdays

Oct. 28     Crescent 129th Birthday!




 The History of Crescent Chapter #7 OES
 As read on October 22, 2018
 Written by Lou Ann Kilgore


 Crescent Chapter was instituted on May 16, 1890 when the Grand Chapter duly issued a dispensation.  With the help of Ruby Chapter #4, Associate Grand Patron, Brother I. N. Hathaway opened Crescent Chapter and made a proclamation for this new Chapter to accept petitioners.  Sister Rebecca McClintock was installed as the first Worthy Matron, and Brother W.C. Stockwell was installed as the first Worthy Patron.  The rest of the officers were installed, and Brother Hathaway declared that Crescent Chapter No 7 was under dispensation, was duly instituted, and empowered to exercise the function of a Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star of the State of Ohio, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of the said State.


At the first regular meeting a committee was formed to frame the by-laws, and a committee was commissioned to “attend to the furniture of the Chapter.”  Chapter was to meet on the first and third Fridays of each month.


October 3, of that same year, the Worthy Grand Matron, Mattie Felton visited Crescent Chapter, she found Crescent Chapter worthy to receive a Charter in the Order.  That Charter is dated October 9, 1890.


The following month, Crescent Chapter was invited to Cleveland to and I quote “put on the work.”  The following May, Crescent was invited to help institute a Chapter in Ashtabula. So started the long list of Chapters instituted by Crescent. They were, Lake Erie, Grace, Mystic, Leading Star, Morning Light, and Ravenna.  Some of these chapters took three days to install, one day to travel there, one day to install, and one day back home. 


In 1892, our very own, Rebecca McClintock, served as the Worthy Grand Matron.


I recently read some of the earlier Grand Chapter proceedings, and found an interesting fact. In 1897, Crescent Chapter showed the largest membership in the State, with 161.   Grace, our daughter chapter, was second with 157.


Crescent Chapter hosted the Grand Chapter in 1893.  Many in Garrettsville opened their homes to help room all the people arriving by train, buggies and horseback.  The Lodge rooms were decorated in the five Star Point colors, and the food was plenty, most of it served in blue, yellow, white, green and red bowls and platters.  Our very own, Rebecca McClintock, junior past Grand Matron at the time, welcomed all to her village and her Chapter.  Crescent Chapter was praised for the exemplary ritual work they performed, and the hospitality they showed to all who attended.


As the years marched on, Crescent is still known for great ritual work.  Many Worthy Matrons have served using many themes for their years.  Friendship seems to be one of the favorite themes, and so is our Patriotic themes.  Crescent has held many Grand Appointments.  Grand Star Points, Deputy Grand Matrons, Grand Representatives, Grand Pages and Aides.  Many have served on committees for the State, the District and the Chapter.  Crescent has always served with joy, enthusiasm, and commitment.


This past year our own, Susan Schenck, served as President of the District Association of Chapters.

At Grand Chapter this year, our sister Angela Maselli was recognized for her excellent ritual work.


Sometimes our members serve other Masonic bodies.  This year, Brother Ed Trego, is Grand Chaplain of Royal Arch Masons in Ohio. And, Brother Jon Trego, is District Educational Officer for the 25th Masonic District.


In 2005, Crescent Chapter welcomed Mystic Chapter and in 2015, added Clover Chapter into our folds when these chapters merged with us. The mergers with these two Chapters has made Crescent Chapter stronger and ready to face the challenges of the future.




As Crescent Chapter celebrates 128 years, we can reflect back on what has gone before.  We may not be the largest Chapter in the state any longer, but we are still holding our own on the books of the Grand Chapter.    There may have been times when this Chapter lost enthusiasm, when it seemed all hope of continuing was not to be, when funding was at a low; but I know, for I have witnessed the perseverance of this Chapter.  I seen it kick off the dust, chase off the blues and fight for existence.  This is one tough Chapter, and we must thank the people who are the members.  They are the ones that make up this Chapter, it is through their efforts that Crescent Chapter still has a current history.  We have a history to be proud of, but we also have a future, one we should look forward to, and be proud of.   


 We must continue to fight for our future. So that Crescent #7 will continue to be included in the books of the Grand Chapter.  For without a future, there can be no history. Happy Birthday Crescent Chapter.


Thank you

Lou Ann Kilgore, historian





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