District 18
Ohio Grand Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star

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  Theme:   "Embrace the Magic Within"
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Honored Members
44 Club
In Memoriam
Friends of District 18

Symbol:  Fairies, Peacocks and Dragon Flies

   Prayer:  "The Serenity Prayer"
  Color: Peacock Blue
  Flower:  Forget-Me-Not


  District Officers
President April Smith
Vice President Barbara Maxwell
Secretary Sherri Bretland
Treasurer Misha Ackenhausen
              Financial             Treasurer Teresa Pience
  Pages and Aides To District Officers
President Denise Vanderhorst
Vice President Darlene Shilling
Secretary Cathy Furrow
Treasurer Deb Hart
                Financial Treasurer John Pience 

District Committees 

Budget Committee
District Officers and Associate Matrons
Audit Committee
Carolyn Ohnewehr - Sterling Chapter, Chair
Linda Holloway  - London Chapter
Caroline Shuirr - Home City
By Laws Committee
Suzanne Dick, Chair - Caroline Chapter
Bunny Joseph - Aero Chapter
Onie Perks - Home City Chapter
Cathie Littleton - London Chapter
Nominating Committee
Grace Terrell, Chair - Clark County, Home City Chapter
Pam Klingler - Greene County, Aldora Chapter
Birdie Cotton - Madison County, Sterling Chapter
Cindy Johnson - Champain County, Urbana Chapter
Home Star Social Club Liason
Grand Officers Tea Committee
District Pages and Aides
Cheese Project
Jeanette Roberts - Caroline Chapter
Ray Roberts - Caroline Chapter
Marion Johnson - Caroline Chapter
Al Johnson - Caroline Chapter


Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (440) 339-3011

Contact the Grand Secretary

xx Michelle Howell, PGM
    (937) 289-3112

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