One of the exciting avenues of exploration for members of the Eastern Star is working with the Fraternal Youth Groups. There are endless opportunities to work with Jobs Daughters, The Order of Rainbow for Girls, and The Order of DeMolay. Opportunities to develop leadership skills and provide directions to young people throughout the world are at our fingertips. Through interaction via the Web, meetings, schools, and social activities, Eastern Star members can provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, skills and role models to receptive youth.

The Order of the Eastern Star supports and encourages young people to participate in the three youth groups that are a part of the Masonic Family -- the Order of Job’s Daughters, the Order of Rainbow for Girls, and the Order of DeMolay. There could be no prouder moment, for an Eastern Star member, than to see a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, become a member of one of these outstanding groups:

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Jobs DaughtersOrder of Job’s Daughters

List of Bethels

Job's Daughters International is a Masonic-sponsored youth organization for girls and young women aged 10 to 20. Job's Daughters welcomes many religions and cultures. Founded on October 20, 1920 by Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick, Job's Daughters International is an organization of young women with members in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Brazil.

The purpose of the organization is to band together young girls who are related to a Master Mason, and strives to build character through moral and spiritual development. Goals include a greater reverence for God and the Holy Scriptures, as stated in the Job's Daughters Constitution, loyalty to one's country and that country's flag; and respect for parents, guardians, and elders. Job's Daughters is not a religion itself, and its members are not required to practice a particular religion. Members are required, however, to believe in a supreme being.

Members have fun together at activities such as swimming parties, dances, family picnics, slumber parties, miniature golf, and marching in parades. Job's Daughters perform service projects to help their community and the less fortunate, including providing support to the Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment (HIKE) Fund, which purchases hearing assistive devices for hearing impaired children. Job's Daughters can qualify for various scholarships that are offered on a state and national level. For more information go to Job's Daughters International.
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The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service. Young women from the age of 11 to 20 years of age learn about the value of charity and service through their involvement with local and statewide service projects. The order was founded in McAlester, Oklahoma in 1922 by the Reverend W. Mark Sexson, a Freemason, who had observed the success and impact of the Order of DeMolay for young men.

Rainbow membership also is open to girls from Masonic, Eastern Star and/or Amaranth homes and to friends of Rainbow girls, even if they do not have Masonic affiliation. A girl must be sponsored by another girl who is an active member in good standing, and at least one adult whom must be a member in good standing of either the Masonic Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, or Order of the Amaranth.

Rainbow is designed to promote personal growth, fellowship and charity.

The initiation ceremony features seven lessons represented by the seven hues of the Rainbow. In addition to these valuable character building lessons, Rainbow members gain leadership experience, public speaking opportunities, study skills and organizational techniques. Each Worthy Advisor (presiding officer of the Assembly) is responsible for selecting her officers, planning her term, choosing service and charity projects, planning social events, preparing greetings and speeches for guests, and presiding during meetings. At age 20, or upon marriage, whichever occurs first, girls who are members in good standing become majority members.

There are 34 Rainbow assemblies throughout Ohio. Friendships made through Rainbow are lasting, not only within the local assembly, but throughout the state and across the country. Some former Rainbow Girls you might recognize are Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, comedians Ruth Buzzi and Lily Tomlin, actress Lee Meriweather, and former Miss Americas Jane Jaroe and Chantelle Smith.

Rainbow Membership applications are readily available from any active Rainbow, Master Mason, Eastern Star, Amaranth, or majority member. For more information, go to
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Alumni Association

"Majority and former members, please join over 1200 of your sisters in our Facebook Group at and catch up on new Rainbow happenings and reminisce about our history – and it’s FREE! Plan, now, to attend the annual majority and alumni gathering in Columbus. You can also join the Supreme Assembly Alumni Association ($25 annual fee) at and download the application. You’ll receive an alumni membership pin, newsletter, discount on most purchases from Supreme Assembly."

DeMolay is an Masonic youth organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives through the development of civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today. DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

The Order of DeMolay was founded in 1919, in Kansas City, Missouri, by a young man named Frank S. Land, a Mason, businessman and community leader. Near the end of World War I, Land became concerned with the problems of boys who had lost their fathers. In March, 1919, he met young Louis Lower, whose father had died. He learned that others, like Louis, sought companionship, leadership, inspiration and competition. and decided there was a need for an organization where boys would have the opportunity to share common interests, learn responsibility and develop skills that would benefit them throughout their lives. He asked Louis to invite some friends to a meeting and the original group numbered nine young men. At the second meeting, there was a total of 31 young men present. They were excited about their new club!

After Dad Land related the story of Jacques DeMolay, the group decided to name itself for this historical figure connected with Masonry. DeMolay was the last Grand Master of the ancient Knights Templar, who was put to death rather than betray his fellow knights.

Today, there are more than 1,000 chapters worldwide, including 25 groups in Ohio. Masonic affiliation is not a requirement for membership. Each chapter is sponsored and guided by a group of Masons who emulate the caring philosophy of Dad Frank Land.

DeMolay alumni include Walt Disney, John Wayne, Walter Cronkite, football Hall-of-Famer Fran Tarkenton, news anchor David Goodnow and many others. Each has spoken eloquently of the life-changing benefit gained from their involvement in DeMolay.

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