Speakers and Resource Bureau 2018


Eleanor Alkire (740) 869-2255


IT ONLY TAKES A SPARK - Ideas on how we can make our new Members feel welcome after their Initiation, and how we can take care of all our Members, how to keep them interested - and keep them coming back. How to receive a Rob Morris jewel or bar. Work with our Masonic Brothers to gain a better relationship.


District 18 Mt. Sterling



Marilyn Braatz (614) 579-5845


THE PATH TO CHAPTER EXCELLENCE - The story behind the Chapter Excellence awards program: Why was it created? What is the goal?  How can chapters participate?  Why should they?

Also: suggestions for community service programs, chapter social activities, communications, and membership recruitment and retention.


District 6 Waterville



Cindy Chadwell (614) 832-0163


CHILDREN'S DYSLEXIA CENTERS - Share the success of our Children’s Dyslexia Centers, understand what dyslexia really is, and the process and commitment involved in being accepted into a center. How you can personally become involved and share some of the personal rewards from your commitment.


District 17 Grove City



Michele Engelbach, CEO (740) 397-1706 x2000


EASTERN STAR HOME - "Your Home, 65 years & growing, movin' on, the best is yet to come." Presentation by CEO or Trustee of OES Home, Mt. Vernon.


District 12 Mt. Vernon



Peg Reiterman, PGM (740) 505-2513


REGENERATIVE WHAT??? - Curious about this Project? Tired of just sitting around and really wanting to make a difference? How about teaming up to raise money for Stem Cell Research (using your own body parts) with a focus on soldiers that have been injured on the battlefield? Let's talk about: WFIRM + OES = IMAGINE.

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: Finally bringing OES into the 21st Century with this amazing GGC project. ON OUR WAY TO $100K!


District 18 Mt. Sterling



Barb Ross (513) 625-2230


INTERACTIVE SESSION - The thoughts and feelings of a new member as they walk through the Initiation. Share information about the various charities and remind members to be proud of their Order.


District 22 Batavia



Rev. Amy E. Shaw, PM (330) 309-6114


ESTARL AND YOUR CHAPTER - ESTARL is too significant a light to keep hidden in our local communities. EACH Chapter has an opportunity to sponsor a student who is going to seminary to prepare for full-time religious service. As an ESTARL recipient, I will share the history of ESTARL, provide ideas and suggestions and/or actually help you find an ESTARL student for your Chapter to sponsor.


District 13 North Canton



Bonnie Youngblood (330) 225-2169


THE STORY OF ESTHER - Told in first person in Biblical or royal attire.

MARTHA'S OWN STORY - Told in first person in Biblical attire.


Bonnie and John can also speak on the Children's Dyslexia Centers.

District 4 Brunswick



John Youngblood (330) 225-2169


IT AIN'T ALL BAD - A humorous and motivational talk to inspire pride in OES membership.

YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL - A short talk with Patriotic Theme revolving around that "Ragged Old Flag."


District 4 Brunswick



Sandy Zikursh (440) 391-4581


THE LESSONS OF OUR STAR POINTS - A new perspective on Star Points - a costumed portrayal of Adah and Ruth, or a look at Martha, by her not so conventional sister Mary. Also available, a brief history of how our Ritual came to be and what the Star Points teach us. A great way to introduce our Order to non-members or to renew our own understanding.


District 1 Mentor



From our Ohio Masonic Home


Dan Shirk (937) 926-4305

Community Outreach Manager


Ohio Masonic Home – Not Just a Castle On the Hill - Ohio Masonic Home, a look at who we are, who we serve and how we may be able to partner with our communities.

District 18 Springfield (Statewide)



Scott Buchanan (937) 525-3067



Ohio Masonic Home – Turning Vision into Reality - 125 years of Service. Remembering our past, embracing the present, and looking to the future. Continuing to serve the fraternity and engaging the communities that surround us.


District 18 Springfield (Statewide)



Jesse Pertee (937) 717-8071

Resource Center Liaison, Ambassador Coordinator


Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center - Who we are, who we serve and services we provide. Partnering with you to help you live how you want, where you want.


District 18 Springfield (Statewide)



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