Hello, I am Katy Carkhuff, Past Matron of Grace Chapter, #11, Geneva, Ohio, District 1, and for 2016, I am Chairperson for the MEMBERSHIP AND PUBLIC RELATIONS committee.  My fellow committee members are

Diana Bray (245)


Suzanne Dick (39)


We are committed to share ideas for Membership and Public Relations, with your assistance.  Starting now, we will be posting ideas and answering questions on the “IDEA” page of the Ohio OES webpage. 

Please contact Katy Carkhuff at catherinercarkhuff@ymail with your questions and/or ideas.  I will do my best to answer on the Ohio OES webpage, under Ideas.  If you have a great idea that your chapter did for Membership and/or public relations, please email it to me, and I will try to share your idea and/or pictures on the “Idea” page.

Diana Bray and Suzanne Dick will be available to assist you, too.  See their phone numbers above! 

Contact the Webmaster

xxCarol Krekus
    (330) 562-7657

Contact the Grand Secretary

xxRoberta G. David, PGM
    (937) 912-9101

Social Networking

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