• Operate as a charitable corporation subordinate to the Grand Chapter of Ohio OES
  • Make distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3)
  • Support District Charities Directors in efforts to raise funds
  • Provide mechanisms for members to donate funds to the Foundation independent of District Charities activities
  • Provide education and support on Foundation purpose, activities, and procedures



  • 5 Board of Directors members
    • One from each region (NW, NE, SW, SE, & Central)
    • Must be members in good standing of Ohio OES
    • No more than 3 brothers or 3 sisters
    • Serve for 5 years (after staggered initial terms); then ineligible for 5 years
    • PGMs, PGPs, & Grand Chapter Line Officers are ineligible
    • Report directly to Grand Trustees
    • Serve without any compensation




Note: There is no WGM/WGP Special Charity in 2016



  • Directly from Chapters
  • Directly from Members
    • One-time or recurring (monthly, annual)
    • In honor/memory of
    • Reward program participation
    • Bequests, planned giving, endowments 
  • Through activities undertaken by District Charities Directors 
  • Funds received in error are redirected or returned, as appropriate




                                 Undirected, as specified by current WGM & WGP, is distributed, as follows, for the 2016 year.

  • Limited expenses, primarily postage, printing, & supplies and professional fees
  • Up to 3% of funds received
  • Excess operating funds redirected to endowment

Charity rating organizations grade nonprofits partly on how much they spend on these expense categories. For example, CharityWatch.com says that it’s reasonable for most charities to spend up to 40% of their budget on operating expenses—in other words, at least 60% should go to programs, and 40% should go to everything else. However, charities who spend less than 40% get higher grades from CharityWatch, with those spending 25% or less on operating expenses receiving the highest “A” grades. Charity Navigator, which employs a sophisticated rating system, gives bonus points to nonprofits with lower operating expenses. Most nonprofits that spend more than 30% of their budget on overhead get no bonus points. The Better Business Bureau says that no more than 35% of a nonprofit’s budget should be spent on operating expenses.



Access a copy of the Charitable Foundation presentation here.

Access a copy of the Charitable Foundation brochure here.

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xx Michelle Howell, PGM
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