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The following letter was received from GGCCM Jim Savage regarding one of the MWGM"s projects - 

First Responders Letter

This information was received from PGM Peg Reiterman.  Contact her at: 

hese wristbands that I'm selling for $5.00 each or 3 for
$20.00 (yes, you read that correctly.  I've bundled the price to include a
$5.00 donation as well). The picture was taken on the bus following GGC from
Pittsburgh to Columbus. (Picture to be posted at a later date)  

All monies go directly to Regenerative Medicine and we forward on to Wake
Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM). The program involves
research and development of Stem Cell research for our service men and women
who have been wounded while in combat.  This is a wonderful project and
certainly will offer an amazing opportunity to be on the "ground floor" of
breaking news! 

Our 3 year goal total is $1 million dollars.  I am encouraging our OHIO
MEMBERS to send their donations to me in hopes that we will lead the efforts
in fundraising!!  Our members have been known from their GRATEFUL GIVING and
I am encouraged to note that I already have over $600.00 in the account
towards that 1 million dollar mark!!!

  2009 Grand Officers and DGMs are all aboard - are you?

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