April 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Grand Chapter of Ohio,

Spring is here! One of God’s most spectacular blessings given us is the changing of the seasons. Martin Luther wrote “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”

We have been having a wonderful time traveling the state and attending the District Celebrations. Each one has been a little different but the friendship and love we have received at each gathering is the same. A big “Thank You” to our 2018 District Presidents for your planning and work which allows us to enjoy our Eastern Star members in each District.

We also have been inspired by the many AREME projects that are taking place within the Chapters and Districts. Charity does begin at home and within our communities. Remember to report all projects, including the money raised, value of goods received and hours worked, on your year-end Grand Chapter District Charities Report. Your Chapter Secretary is to mail the report by June 15th.

Mark your calendar for the Charities Extravaganza to be held on Saturday, June 23rd, at the Ohio Eastern Star Home in Mt. Vernon. It will be another “Celebration” to join together with pride in the success of our fund raising endeavors for Charity and in appreciation for the great job our District Charities Directors have done this year.

Inspections are upon us but remember, our Eastern Star Year is only half over. Continue to work on projects within your communities and start compiling your accomplishments for the 2019 Chapter Excellence Awards period which begins June 1st.

It is a privilege for us to serve the members of the Grand Chapter of Ohio this year. Get your reservations in to join us for our Grand Chapter Session, September 28-30 at Kalahari, as we continue to Celebrate the Grand Chapter of Ohio, Order of the Eastern Star.

Remember, Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be!

Sandi Herman,

Worthy Grand Matron

David Sexton,

Worthy Grand Patron

















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