Eastern Star members can actually become a second family. We provide for each other through compassion and concern, not only for our fellow Sisters and Brothers, but to ourselves, our country, and our faith. We are here for each other in good times and bad and always hoping for, and planning for the good times. One way we do this is through cheerful companionship and social enjoyment. Our Chapters have numerous fun activities for all members, their family and friends. It would almost be possible to be at an Eastern Star activity every day of the week, if you would have that desire. Look at all the fun we have.

Picnics Carnivals Ice Cream Socials
Dinner dances Sock hops Golf Tournaments
Plays Bus trips Cruises
Ball Games Smorgasbords Scrap booking
Craft making Themed meetings Bingo
Card playing Boating Motorcycling
AND MORE……    

If you are a member and would like some fun ideas to do at your meetings click on this …..(Link to members’ section for fun ideas to do at meetings)

Is there such a thing as a dress code?

Going someplace having on casual slacks with a polo shirt and finding the other people in gowns and suits and ties can make a person a little uncomfortable. We want to dress in a manner of pride and respect for our order. For that reason chapters have adopted a dress code similar to the following:


1. Officers will wear the chosen Chapter dress unless directed otherwise by the Worthy Matron
2. It is preferred that sisters on the sidelines wear a street dress, blouse and skirt, or a nice pant outfit.
3. Slacks are acceptable at casual Eastern Star social gatherings


1. Officers will wear tuxedos or dark suits unless directed otherwise by the Worthy Matron.
2. Brothers on the side-lines may wear a suit or sports jacket, slacks, tie or nice polo type shirt.

These are suggested dress codes. Should you be unable to conform, do not hesitate to attend meetings of your Chapter. Your Chapter would prefer that you attend in your work clothes rather than not attend at all.


Each of us has an inner need to do something for others and sometimes it is difficult to determine just how to begin. The Order of the Eastern Star offers that guidance and provides an outlet, as well as serving as a resource center and support group.

Providing food always promotes a welcoming atmosphere. There are very few occasions where food is not being served at an Eastern Star function. What type depends upon the occasion, (punch and cookies for twenty -five or steak and chicken for a thousand); but no matter what, it is always enjoyed because of the warmth and companionship that surrounds each member. It is during this time of refreshment that people can get to know each other better and reach out to them if they are in need. Refreshment time is very important in the Order of Eastern Star…If you feed them, they will come!


Officers are encouraged to memorize their parts for the ceremonies – this can leave a deep and lasting impression on the new members. Learning a part can be a challenge, but it is easier if you remember several important steps:
  1. Start working on your part as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute is not an option for success.
  2. Find a time or times during the day that you can spend going over it; for example, on the drive to work, while you are stirring the gravy, or every night before bed.
  3. Don’t try to learn it all at once; chunk it! That means work on one sentence or paragraph over and over until you can do it without looking at the ritual.
  4. Repeat that part every day for two or three days before you move on to another sentence or paragraph.
  5. Once you do the same thing with this section, go back and say both of them together until you are comfortable. Be sure to put the ritual down to do it so you are not using it as a crutch.
  6. Continue in this manner until you have learned the entire lecture or part.
  7. Don’t forget to go back to the ritual to polish and make sure that you are not forgetting anything or substituting different words. This rule is especially important for repeat officers that “know” their work but are actually missing words or phrases.
  8. Be sure to practice out loud. Going over it in your head is not the same as saying it. Try looking yourself in the eye in your bedroom mirror during practice. Say your part for another member who can follow it in the ritual and help you make corrections.
  9. Speak slowly and clearly. That gives you time to think and breathe. It also gives you the ability to add expression and make your part more meaningful and memorable.
  10. Enjoy the feeling of confidence that you have when you know your ritualistic work and can do your part at any type of meeting. Congratulations!

Funeral Service

It matters not how long a star shines, what is remembered is the brightness of the light.

Being a member of the Order of Eastern Star is like belonging to another family. For this reason we are always honoured when a family requests an Eastern Star Service to be given to honor a member’s passing.

When members die the Chapter to which they belong usually sends a floral arrangement to the funeral home, if the chapter has been notified of the death. This arrangement is in the shape of a five pointed star, having the five colors of our Order within the points.

The family may also request a special Eastern Star service to be performed at the grave site or at the funeral home. This ceremony is found in our Eastern Star ritual and is recited by the Chapters’ officers. The officers read or memorize parts assigned to their station. The ceremony tells those attending about the lessons taught to the member when he/she was initiated. Each individual part is rather short, but altogether the ceremony may take about 15 minutes. After the service is over the members of the chapter pay their final respects to the deceased and process out of the funeral room.

In addition to the Eastern Star Funeral Service in our ritual, there are many other memorial tributes created by our members. (Links) We have several that can be added here.


We little knew that morning,
God was going to call your name,
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
You did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.
You left us peaceful memories,
You are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.

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