Tools To Build Your Membership

The Grand Chapter of Ohio has developed some useful tools to assist chapters explain the Order of the Eastern Star to prospective members and educate new members. 

Building Partnerships is a brochure tailored to Master Masons, their families and lodges.  It suggests ways that Masonic lodges and Eastern Star chapters can work together, and explains the requirements and benefits of membership  To download a color copy on your computer, click here.  To download a black and white copy, click here.

You Can Be A Star is a brochure that may be shared with any prospective member.  It highlights the unique aspects of the Order of the Eastern Star and guides interested parties to the Grand Chapter website for more information.  Chapters may obtain quantities of the brochure for a donation to the Grand Chapter Education Fund.  To order quantities  Marilyn Braatz, or  Jennifer Pietrowski, Membership & Public Relations Committee Chairperson,   To download a color copy on your computer, click here.

The Letter to Rainbows may be sent to any young woman who you know to be a majority member of the Order of Rainbow for Girls, or an active member who is 18 years of age or older. Click here to download a copy.

A Tool for the Investigating Committee

A new brochure is available to help members of the Investigating Committee understand their role in the membership selection process.  Secretaries are encouraged to give a copy to the chairman of each investigating committee.  Click here to download a copy of the Guidelines for the Investigating Committee.

Tools for New Member Orientation

Two versions of a New Member Guidebook have been developed by the Grand Chapter. These booklets are designed to be given to new members on the night of their initiation, so they will feel more comfortable when they attend chapter meetings.

Your New Member Guidebook is provided in Word format for printing letter size paper. It is designed with a cover page and 2 inside pages. Once downloaded you can type in names of officers, etc. When you are ready to print the Guidebook, follow these instruction:

You will need 3 sheets of paper.

First sheet of paper.

Click on Guidebook –  Guidebook - outside cover and print

Turn page over and click on  Guidebook - inside cover   and print.

Second sheet of paper.

Click on  Guidebook - page 1 - side 1  and print

Turn page over and click on  Guidebook - page 1 - side 2   and print

Third sheet of paper.

Click on  Guidebook - page 2 - side 1 

Turn page over and click on Guidebook - page 2 - side 2

To assemble correctly, place outside cover sheet with the outside cover face down.

The page 1 sheet will then be placed on the cover sheet page 1 side 2 facing down.

The page 2 sheet will then be placed on the page 1 sheet with page 2 –side 2 facing down.

You should now have 3 sheets of paper in one pile. Fold over and you have your pamphlet. If you download these pages to your computer before printing, you can then fill in the spaces that need information by typing them in and THEN print in the correct order. This is the beauty of this pamphlet; you can personalize it for the new member.

You Are a Star is a new, smaller version that consists of one letter size sheet, printed front and back in an updated color design.  It is accompanied by a half-page insert with blanks for writing in the name and contact information of the new member's mentor. Click on the items below to view and download this version of a New Member Guidebook.

You Are A Star Insert - for You Are A Star









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