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Every organization has its ups and downs, including Eastern Star chapters!  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut; meetings become boring and members lose interest; attendance goes down and new members are hard to find. 

This section provides some ideas and programs for nurturing your chapter back to health, and involving your members in the process. The resources are also helpful to new Eastern Star chapters as they establish their own traditions and programs based on the tenets of our Order.


The Ohio Chapter Excellence Award is now in its sixth year!  A total of 82 chapters submitted reports, and 68 of them were recognized with sound blocks or award plates at the 2017 Grand Chapter session.  We are pleased to report that the program will continue through the next Triennium.

Participating chapters are asked to pursue excellence in four main areas:
(1)  Charity and Service;
(2) Social Activities and Fellowship;
(3)  Ritual Quality and Officer Excellence; and
(4)  Membership and Public Relations. 

To earn the award, chapters must successfully complete at least three activities in each of the four program areas.

Download the file below to read the 2017-2018 guidelines and print a copy of the guidelines and application form.  A number of changes have been made in the recommended activities for this sixth year. Specific instructions for the documentation needed for each activity is also included
The deadline for submitting applications is June 15, 2018. Applications should be given to your District Deputy Grand Matron.

2017-2018 Chapter Excellence Guidelines


Click here for a downloadable copy of  "Cultivating Grass Roots For Growth"  , a booklet developed by the General Grand Chapter for the 2009-2012 Triennium.  The publication includes tips on:

            increasing attendance;

            preparing for meetings;

            finding new members;

            building participation by new members;

            increasing community involvement; and

            maintaining a healthy, active chapter.


Click here for a downloadable copy of Guidelines For Developing a Chapter Vision Plan , a document developed by members of the General Grand Chapter Vision Committee during the 2006-2009 Triennium.  Chapters are encouraged to examine their strengths and weaknesses, develop a vision and a mission, and plan their goals and activities to accomplish the overall vision established by their members. The guidelines are followed by excerpts from an inspirational essay by a PGM of Michigan.


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