Testing Your Knowledge

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong”?  This famous saying was said by a great inventor from the Dayton, Ohio, Charles Kettering.  These testing modules will help you to see what you really know and not just the way we have always done it.   We challenge you to work with the Study Guides and then try the testing modules.  They will be graded as you take the test and you will be given the results when you finish the testing.  These testing modules are designed to help you understand Grand Law, Book of Instructions and Protocol.   Keep checking back as tests will be added as the year continues.  Good Luck!

REMEMBER:  Challenge is a key to success!

Now, let’s begin by creating your own online account so your results are private to you and our webmaster.  Follow the instructions on how to create your User Name and Password.  To get to the tests, you must enter your District number.


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