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Programs for Web Page Creation and other information

Creating a new web page for your Chapter

  1. Create page using a program on the web such as Godaddy or the like. These programs may have a cost or not, and may have advertising or not. Then giving the URL (address) for the page to the web master and it will be linked to the Chapter on the “Find a Chapter Page”

  2. The information for the page is sent to the Webmaster and she will create a page for the Chapter at no cost. It is up to the Chapter to provide the web master up dates to keep the link to the Chapter on the web site.

  3. The person from the Chapter involved in creating the web page will be issued a ID and Password in order to get into the Main site and the blank page where they will create the page using the Joomla program that the Ohio Grand Chapter page does. There is no cost for method either.

Your Chapters web site is linked to the Grand Chapter's site, those that view it will also be able to view all of the above and have a greater understanding of what Ohio Eastern Star is all about.

Your page should contain information about your Chapter: Address, Meeting day and time, Officers, Events, Photos and much more. Using your theme, colors, those being honor that year, scripture in the design each year makes each Chapter's page their own.

In all cases, be sure you read and follow the Guidelines for Web Sites

Instant Messaging or the AcyMailing program

The is a Joomla based program that send email to those that are signed up with the program thru the webmaster about some item of interest and importance at the last minute. There are several groups that may be singled out or all of the groups will received the message. The elected Grand Officers (if the desire to) will be able to use this program thru out the year.

Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery for the year is posted. Although it is thru Face Book anyone can get to it by clicking on the proper link. We are always looking for Photos, send them to the webmaster with a caption so we know what, where and who are in them.

Up dates in 2016 – 2017

Keeping the web site fresh and up to date is an on going process. This year the following up dates and additions have been made to the site. Focusing toward both Members and Non-members are as follows under the tabs:

HomeThis section contains the Calendar, Find a Chapter, OES Home and the Worthy Grand Matron's Page.

Grand Chapter - This section lists the many members who make up the Officers, DGM's, Grand Representatives and many more that guide Ohio Grand Chapter to be successful.

About Us - This section explain about the Order and what Ohio Grand Chapter does for it's members and more important for the Communities in which they meet. Non-members may see the name of a person/persons on a Chapter's web page that are a part of their church, school or other organization and feel more comfortable talking to them about OES. Many Chapters have gained members because of their web page.

Members ResourcesThis section is for the members. It covers Education of members, (the sub menus names of this tab has changed but the information remains the same at present,) Membership and Public Relations, Programs and other General Information to improve their Chapters and the “how to” do those things that can achieve this. A new testing program will appear here when it is available,

Become a MemberThis section guides a person interested in joining how to go about it.

Social Media

Face Book, Twitter and the like types of Social Media are good for the day to day communication with your members, BUT SHOULD NOT take the place of a Chapter web site (page).

These pages are a great way to remind your members of meetings, special events, deaths of members and other announcements to your members and friends. Remember NOT ALL of your members belong to these types of media or know how to use it and can not get this information.

They must be closely monitored so no one posts unwanted or personal information on them. Neither the Grand Chapter Facebook person or the Grand Chapter web master will do this for you.

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Contact the Webmaster

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Contact the Grand Secretary

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