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Good meetings take some planning. It is more fun for the members to attend meetings that are well thought out and efficiently conducted. Know the Ritual, understand Grand Law and the Book of Instructions, and be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order.

Prepare an agenda – know what has to be done before you enter the chapter room. If you need to assign members to a committee you should always ask them in advance. It is never advisable to put someone on the spot during an meeting. If you need to have a motion for important business – such as a budgeted advance for inspection expenses – have someone assigned to make the motion before the meeting starts.

Share copies of the agenda with the Secretary, the Line Officers, and the Organist to help keep the meeting flowing smoothly. This helps the secretary with the minutes and is a good training tool for the Associate Matron, Conductress, and Associate Conductress. And the Organist can have music ready to play as needed.

Always make your members and visitors feel welcome in your meeting. Greet them warmly and prior to the meeting and be sure to socialize with everyone during refreshments after the meeting. Remember that those in attendance have made a choice to spend time at the meeting, so make sure they leave feeling it was time well spent.

Speak clearly and slowly and use a tone that can be heard. If your chapter has a microphone, please use it.

Themed meetings can be fun as long as everyone is respectful of proper dress code and reverence while the Bible is open. Everyone likes to be recognized, so nights to honor Past Matrons and Patrons, Masons, a special Star Point or Office are a few ideas. Remember to send invitations – especially for Masonic night. Recognizing birthdays is a good way to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be recognized. Skits or entertainment can help to make these evenings more enjoyable.

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