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Sisters and Brothers,

As your new Eastern Star Charities Co-Chairpersons, we are taking this opportunity to share with you our theme we have selected “Plant seeds, grow blessings” to promote District Charities this year. When you attend Eastern Star meetings and events, you will see the District Charities Directors greeting you with their watering cans. This is an opportunity for you to deposit love gifts and blessings for district charities. God loves cheerful givers! This is what the Order of the Eastern Star is about giving to Charities!

We’ve a story to tell. This year, we have created a “Plant seeds, grow blessings tee shirt. The tee shirt has its own meaning. When you look at the tee shirt, you will see a happy little girl with a big smile on her face. She is holding a watering can with the words “OES 2022” representing this year of collecting love gifts in her watering can. Our District Charities Directors will be delighted to receive love gifts placed in their watering cans. She is standing in her garden of forget me nots and sunflowers reminding us that sunflowers represent loyalty and happiness. God loves cheerful givers. Forget me nots symbolize that we will always remember you and keep you in our thoughts and hearts. There is a busy bee pictured near the sunflowers reminding us to be busy giving to charities. Hummingbirds are an emblem of joy, good luck, and happiness. The money received for Charities this year will bring all of us joy and happiness. Butterflies represent transformation, change, and hope. It is available in several colors including teal, sea foam, purple, navy, and black for $25.00 each. A youth size tee shirt is also available for $18.00 each. Both order forms are available through your District Charities Directors, your Chapter Secretary, and on the OES Website. The deadline to order tee shirts is December 31, 2021. We are looking forward to seeing everyone wearing these tee shirts. The tee shirts will be delivered in March 2022 by the Deputy Grand Matrons. When you receive your tee shirts, we encourage you to decorate them with fabric paint or fabric markers as you wish.

Save the date: Saturday, June 25, 2022 for the Annual Extravaganza!  This year we are hosting a “Garden Party” It will be held at the OES Home in Mount Vernon. There will be wine tasting beginning at 1:00pm followed by games, food, basket auctions, and fellowship. If you have purchased the “Plant Seeds, Grow Blessings Tee Shirts, we encourage you to wear it to the Garden Party. More information will follow as the date comes closers.

With Star Love and Service,

Jan and Mike Emge, Co-Chairpersons, Eastern Star Charities Committee

Plant Seeds, Grow Blessings 2022


Mobile Phone: 740-350-6841

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