Grand Chapter News Updated 9/27/2020

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Here are the quick links to the videos introducing …

the 2021 Grand Officers……………….

the 2021 Deputy Grand Matrons……………..

the 2021 District Charities Directors……………

The OES Website will be updated tomorrow with names and emails.

Good Afternoon! The Grand Officers, Deputy Grand Matrons and Grand Representatives lists on the OES Website have been updated. The goal is to have the lists of Committees updated tomorrow.

I do need to make a few apologies. I forgot to post the following and I do apologize to these people…

1 – Those elected OES Home Trustees: Suzanne Griffin, Barbara Stuart and Becky Thatcher. Congratulations!

2 – Those appointed Grand Representatives by Jr. PGM Margi Wheeler: Jenny Lawson, Patricia Kiefel and Cathy Maurer. WGM Carol appointed Millie Holzer which was mentioned earlier in this post.

3 – To my “Proofer” sitting beside me all day, who kept on track and corrected my mistakes, THANKS Sister Jane.

4 – Did you see the information on the poster about Sharonville? The 2021 COA and 2021 Head Trustee are excited to invite you to Sharonville.


And now for the 2021 Deputy Grand Matrons…

Congratulations to the 2022 WGM Personal Secretary Jolie Stauffer from Grove City Chapter in District #17, the 2022 Drill Director D Marie Pierce from Amelia Chapter in District #22 and the 2022 Chairman of Arrangements Nancy Williams from Miami Chapter in District #21.

The District Charities Directors have been announced.

The WGM’s Secretary just accepted the appointment of Grand Representative of Tennessee in Ohio.

Congratulations Sister Millie.

The presentation of the 2021 COA Sister Cathy and 2021 Drill Director Sister Lynn.

Ok, hearing no objections, I am going to close up my laptop and head home for the night. Ok, maybe I am getting a little slap happy. Oh, Wait!!! Would you like to know the new Deputy Grand Matrons and the District Charities Directors? We just had the presentation of the Junior Past Grand Matron and Junior Past Grand Patron.

The WGM and WGP giving remarks and introducing their families, chapters and others.

Worshipful Brother Keith Newton gave remarks.

The Installation is complete. PGM Sister Michelle, PGM Sister Barbara, PGM Sister Kelly, PGP Brother Dennis and PM Sister Elaine did a wonderful job installing the 2021 Grand Officers. It was the quickest installation on record.

And now what you have been waiting for. Here are your new Grand Officers and the link to the Introduction of the 2021 Grand Officers.

The Installation has begun.

Pictures from the Grand Finale Banquet. The Most Worshipful Grand Master of F.&A.M. of Ohio Brother Keith Newton and his Lady Sharon were able to join us. Remarks were also given by Logan Willeke the State Master Councilor of Ohio DeMolay.

Moving to the Grand Finale Banquet. Be back for Installation.

The 2020 Grand Officers retire.

Kiss and Cry modified.

The presentation of the spouses and traveling companions.

Closing remarks by the WGP & WGM. The Grand Finale Banquet should be on time. I see a few nervous people in the audience. New Grand Appointments???

WGM Sister Margi’s final remarks.

The Worthy Grand Patron’s wife, Sister Dianne.

The Associate Grand Matron Sister Carol and Associate Grand Patron Brother Bill presenting their 2021 Projects.

Election results are in.

WGM – Carol Gramm Wise, WGP – Bill Murphy, AGM – Cindy Chadwell, AGP – Scott Riddle, Grand Secretary – Michelle Howell, Grand Treasurer – Gayle Sutherin, GC – Debby Pitts, AGC – Cheryl Maslowski, Grand Trustee – Bill Cox

Now are you ready for the rest of the 2021 Grand Officers? Oops! Sorry, I can not reveal those until after the Grand Finale Banquet.

Chapter Excellence Report.

The report from the COA.

From this morning, the Grand Officers and their escorts.

The WGM’s husband, Brother Fred.

Fred is planning his next vacation that starts tomorrow.

Fraternal Correspondence.

AGC Sister Debby.

The election of officers is taking place.

Others presented this morning.

WGP Brother Chuck addresses his Fraternal Parents.

We are back. The afternoon was called to order by PGM Sister Sandi and PGP Brother Dave.

Lunch time. Be back soon.

Some pictures from early this morning. All groups practiced social distancing outside the photo room. Masks were worn appropriately, coming and going.

Grand Officers attired in their lovely pink and white sparkly lace dresses, directed by the WGP with his melodious trumpet. They marched to lively music in the Symphony of the Stars.

Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons.

Past Grand Matrons
Past Grand Patrons

PGM Sister Gayle was honored for her 25 years of faithful service.

PGM Sister Michelle working.

Melora Waltman, Campfire Friend of the MWGM.

The updates will now slow down as the Bible is open. I will be posting more pictures that I took before the session opened.

The Grand Officers entering.

Call to Order by PGM Evelyn and PGP Bill.

The Memorial Service conducted by the Grand Chaplain.

The Grand Organist with the Organ Prelude.

The Grand Officers on their way to pictures.

The OES Home meeting is underway.

Michele saying Hello!
OES Home Trustees

Good Morning! The Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron with their spouses.

Some of the Committee Reports are in. They are posted under News.

Shining Star Nominations

and the Symphony Participation awards

In this year of virtual gatherings, the Steering Committees of the Grand Line Officers are behind in sales.  There will be a post under News showing what they have for sale.  If you would like to purchase an item or two or three, then send money with someone coming to Grand Chapter.  Otherwise, you can contact the person in charge of that table to make arrangements to purchase items.  Have you checked out this page yet?