Grand Chapter Scholarship Opportunities

Research going back to 1978 showed this fund, established for educational purposes, had not been tapped for a large amount during that time, so Endowed Scholarships were established in 2001 at the following Universities. Ohio University in Athens, Kent State University, Miami University in Oxford and University of Toledo.

Each was established at $25,000.00 and only the interest can be used each year.  The Scholarships are written in the name of The Grand Chapter of Ohio, Order of the Eastern Star and can be found on the internet for any of these schools.

The criteria the Grand Trustees established are:

  1. Upper class students or graduate students (no freshman)
  2. Students from Ohio only
  3. No academic requirements or special field of study
  4. Financial need not a requirement
  5. Renewable only once
  6. Funding only for tuition or books
  7. Must be a U.S. citizen but outside activities not considered
  8. Scholarship not refundable
  9. Each University will select the recipients
Please support by designating a sunshine collection or include it in your chapter budget for this fund.

As a member of the Education Committee for General Grand Chapter from Ohio, I would like to know the following:

Does your Chapter have special projects to raise funds for Scholarships?

What amount of scholarship funds are provided by your chapter and/or group in the name of Eastern Star? Please contact us