Session Housing and Pre Registration Reminders 2019

Session Housing and Pre Registration Reminders

After talking with our Housing Chairman, Barb Akers, our membership needs to be reminded that housing for our session is on a first come, first served basis at our special reduced rate.

Housing procedures remain the same as the previous two years.

Members if not a: Grand officer, past grand matron or patron, deputy grand matron, grand representative or a few committee members should make their own reservations by calling Kalahari at 1-877-525-2427 or by going on line. Be sure to ask for the “130th Annual Grand Chapter Session” rate before August 20, room rates may increase or not be available after the deadline. Open registration opened May 1 and information on how to register was available to Chapter secretaries before your March meetings.

We have acquired this lower rate (as much as half of a usual

reservation at Kalahari) by entering into a housing and food/ beverage contract with the resort. If you choose not to stay at Kalahari but   at another hotel, you might cause the Grand Chapter to pay penalties if we do not meet the minimum negotiated numbers. Of course that might result in increased fees for all our future sessions.

Our Worthy Grand Matron Kelly asked us to try to get the

preregistration cards and session booklets to our members before the annual session. By doing so, you can plan your schedule and prevent you from standing in a long line to pre-register. With your filled in card, you can go directly to credentials to pick up your voting packet with the legislation, voting card and ballot.

As of the end of June, half of our Chapter secretaries have sent in their preregistration forms and they  are being processed.  Thank you to those who have responded quickly, those chapters should receive the preregistration cards and program booklets before September. Those chapters not sending in their preregistration by the end of July may have to pick up their booklets and cards at Kalahari. Mailing the booklets and preregistration cards are a huge expense and we are trying to eliminate additional expenses.

Deb Pool, 2019 COA