Shining Star Short Stories from 2022

The Shining Star Short Stories will be featured here.  Every few days we will switch the stories.  Enjoy!

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I wanted everyone to know about Chillicothe’s shining star, my Secretary Cathy Adams. Cathy is always ALWAYS prepared for everything. She knows multiple lectures and parts inside out, backwards, forwards, etc. She is selfless and helpful to everyone. Even with the recent passing of her father Cathy was at our regularly stated meeting with a smile on her face. She truly exemplifies the meaning of an Eastern Star, and I’m so blessed God has brought her into my life and into my chapter. Her husband Ryan is just as bright of a star; he’s my Worthy Patron and my right hand man. I couldn’t imagine my time in the East without these two. Anyone who knows them knows what I’m saying is truth. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to brag on them.

Shining Star

Bellefontaine Chapter #459

In a chapter full of Shining Stars, it is difficult to choose just one person. There are so many awesome workers, cheer leaders and quiet contributors. The member I have selected fully epitomizes the principles of our Order in so many ways.

* Our star coordinates our various dinners for the Masonic functions, the Local Retired Teachers, and supports the Veterans to DC program. 

* She keeps the Temple Board on track for needed upkeep and in fiscal matters. 

* She works tirelessly for her church, collecting items for the mission truck and helping to keep the building clean and in great shape. 

* She supports her grandchildren in their various school activities and their teams, win or lose. 

* She volunteers at the local elementary school in several capacities.

* Our Star is a great ambassador for us as she works with the Vets to DC group. She cooks the meals in preparing for each trip to our nation’s Capitol. She procures the supplies for packing lunches to enjoy during bus travel, and gathers willing workers to assemble the meals  and fill the ditty bags for the 100 or so veterans and their traveling companions and other workers on the trip.

These are only a few of the things she does to make our Chapter and community a better place for all. 

* She does not brag about her own jobs….but she might be willing to tell you about her grandchildren and other members of the chapter who do good things.

Our Shining Star is Margie Hewitt!


“We’ve a Story to Tell,” and would anyone doubt who the featured person of Pleaides Chapter No. 298, OES,

Sidney, would be? When the 2022 Worthy Grand Matron announced her program, our members knew whose

story we would want to share. Most of you know her as the Associate Grand Matron — our Sister Debby Pitts!

What a privilege it is to share Debby’s life story. She was born in Sidney, Ohio, the oldest of four children, a

brother and two sisters. Her childhood interests were Girls Scouts (she received the God and Community

Award as a Senior Scout). She shared her birthday with her maternal grandmother and spent many hours with

her, learning to sew and watching Soap Operas. When she became of age to join Rainbow for Girls, she took

that first step on her path to today’s position. She had the full support of her parents, Don and Betty Barker,

who for years themselves had given so much to our Order of the Eastern Star, and when Debby became a

member of the Rainbow for Girls, they immediately began to serve in supporting roles of outings, refreshments,

etc. She filled several stations in Rainbow and in 1968 she served a term as Worthy Advisor. She served as

Mother Advisor until the birth of her first child, Chad. The Rainbow teachings have always remained an

important part of her life’s choices.

She married and had two sons, both of whom are Sidney graduates and active in our community. On

December 16, 2000, she married Gary Pitts and two more children were added to her family. Gary and Debby

have nine grandchildren, and the two younger ones are still a big part of hers and Gary’s lives.

On May 21, 1971, she was initiated into Pleiades Chapter. Her children were young and she was not

immediately active in our Chapter. She returned to the Chapter as an officer in 1999, filling the station of Adah,

and since that time she has continued to serve. She was Worthy Matron in 2003 and 2008 and was secretary

for eight years. Later she was appointed as Grand Representative of North Carolina in Ohio, and in 2015-2016

she served as Deputy Grand Matron for District 9. She was on the Payroll Committee for Grand Chapter in

2011 and Out-of-State Registration in 2017. In 2019 she was appointed by Sister Kelly Cholodewitsch as

Grand Warder of the Grand Chapter of Ohio and will soon serve as our Worthy Grand Matron in 2023.

Debby is a very organized and energetic person, whether it is cleaning the kitchen or the paraphernalia room

at the Masonic Lodge, or help with cooking many of the dinners the Chapter serves. She has worked tirelessly

to be prepared to serve as the Worthy Grand Matron for the State of Ohio in 2023, and we can assure you she

will be a devoted leader and have a sincere interest in those who will be serving with her and for the programs

and the good of the Order. She will work to follow the ritual and its teachings, as well as the instructions that

lend to the beauty of our work. Above all, she will be a warm and caring leader, your friend who will be very


Along Debby’s side is her husband, Gary, fondly known as “Mr. Pitts,” an easy going gentleman, who is always

ready to help with many of Debby’s Eastern Star projects, or in the kitchen, or as an officer, trustee, wherever

he is needed. Make sure you get to share some conversations with him.

Debby has been a lifetime member of her local United Church of Christ, where again her parents were faithful

and active members. She has a firm Christian foundation, and her parents would be so proud of her

accomplishments in her family, in her Church, and in our Order. And our Chapter is equally proud of her, and

we are glad to share her and her talents with you in 2023.

Patty Creighton


This evening it is a pleasure for Glenwood Chapter to put the spotlight on our

Shining Star, although we think of her more as a Super Nova! She is always

present at our meetings doing her part, and many times she is doing more than her

part. She is always prepared to do whatever needs doing for the good of the

Chapter. She has been active in the Eastern Star for many years and has been a

member since November of 1980. She served as Worthy Matron for the first time in

1993. She takes pride in her work and always does a beautiful job no matter what

station she has been appointed or elected to fill. She not only serves her chapter

exceedingly well, but she is a true supporter of District 12 and has served as the

President of the District 12 Association. The Grand Chapter of Ohio is also

blessed with her contributions. She was appointed Grand Representative of

Maryland in Ohio in 2010 by Past Grand Matron Janice Goerss. Our Star also

served as the President of the Grand Representatives’ Buckeye Links. When not

being a Shining Star, she is a shining wife, mother, and grandmother. She has

been married to Norman for almost 42 years. She has two daughters, Mandy (our

Warder) and Cami (our Electa), who are both officers this year in Glenwood

Chapter. She also has a son, Brian. She has five grandchildren, Bryson and

Madalyn Collins, Parker and Layton Sims, and Cora Creighton. She finds time to

give back to her community too! While serving as Treasurer of the Utica Historical

Society, she is also involved in cataloging donations, being a docent and actively

hiring help to clean the building. She recently became a Utica Council Member

as well. She attends the Utica Church of Christ and is a member of the IF Group,

Community Activities, Youth Events and is a Greeter. When she is not busy doing

all the above, she enjoys gardening, baking, volunteering, being with family and

friends, spending time at the camper at Seneca Lake, and walking. As if all this

was not enough, she has a wonderful sense of humor and is always fun to be

around! She has always been a Shining Star for us, and we are so happy to be able

to give Patty Creighton that well deserved recognition tonight!! Thank you, Patty!

In Star Love,

Jennifer Pietrowski

Worthy Matron, Glenwood Chapter #303