Triangle Chapter Challenge

TRIANGLE CHAPTER as well as BLENDON MASONIC LODGE is issuing ALL Chapters and Lodges a JOINT CHARITY PROJECT. TONIGHT at 10pm St.Anns ER staff will be enjoying $200 of pizza and Salads from a local to our lodge (Westerville small business owned pizza shop) in THANK YOU for Putting themselves in danger treating patients at St. Ann’s Hospital (local large Hospital near our Blendon Lodge location). We came to our lodge brothers asking them to assist us in our THANK YOU to our NURSING PATIENT CARE and RESPIRATORY CAREGIVERS. Blendon Lodge NEVER lets us down!! Each organization has donated $100 each, to carry off our charity mission of Gratitude and Love. ♥️💙.
We challenge each Eastern Star Chapter to contact your Masonic Lodges who meet in your temple for a joint Food Delivery to Hospital, Firehouse, Nursing Home staff, Police. It was very easy. Contact the Facility of choice and get a Contact name. Explain our mission to avoid duplicate deliveries on same shift. Pick a shift to bless. (We chose night shift as I work at a major Hospital in Columbus and know night shifts sometimes get forgotten, plus the coughing from disease is always worse at night. Just the nature of illness. So as Worthy Matron of Triangle Chapter they honored me with that choice.) ANY SHIFT IS OVERWORKED right now. PLEASE JOIN US. We have taken a card to the pizza place that they will deliver with our order so the workers know EASTERN STAR and a MASONIC LODGE in their town SUPPORT, LOVE, and THANK THEM for All they do. Letting them know the philanthropic purposes of our Wonderful Organizations. PLEASE JOIN OUR MISSION!!!