GGC Appointments for 21-24 OHIO – More Information

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General Grand Chapter

OHIO Appointments for  “Worldwide the Family of God Marches Together” Triennium 2021-2024

Bonnie Youngblood – Worthy Grand Esther

Steve Farus – Ambassador Brazil Espirito Santo and Ohio Chairman Triennial Assembly

Janice Goerss – Ambassador Hawaii and Chairman Finance Triennial Assembly

Barry Metzger – Benevolence Committee

Jean Watters – Chairman Cancer Committee

Bruce Ailes – Co-Chairman Charters Committee

Sandi Herman – Chairman Community Service Committee

Sue Kerns * – Credentials Committee

Kelly Cholodewitsch – Chairman Eastern Star Journal

Frank Clifton – General Chairman ESTARL Committee

Margaret Wheeler – ESTARL Committee

Eloise Wyse – Chairman Education Committee

Dennis Lawson – International Headquarters Committee

Carol Gramm Wise – Co-Chairman International Peace Garden Chapel Committee

Barbara Pelfrey – Chairman Membership Committee

Ronald Keller – Co-Chairman Necrology Committee

Larry Groves – Public Relations Committee

Peg Reiterman – Chairman Regenerative Medicine Committee

William Taylor – Chairman Ritual Committee and Name Badges

Steve Moore – Chairman Scottish Rite Charities Committee

Gail Walsh – Service Dogs Committee

Richard Manifold – Shrine Charity Committee

Vivian Chrisopulos – Co-Chairman Unfinished Business

Trevor Sproul – US Chairman Youth Committee


Triennial Assembly Committee

          Nancy Ramsey – Personal Secretary to the MWGM 

          Jennifer Garringer – Co-Chairman Triennial Assembly Ohio

          Barbara Lowry – Secretary to MWGP

          Cheryl Metzger – Artist

          William Westover – Choir Director

          Barbara Akers – Co-Chairman Housing

          Rev. Amy Shaw – Chairman Prayer Council

          Susan Corwin – Co-Chairman Project – Triennial Medal

          Ray Dennis – Co-Chairman Property

          Pat Eyestone – Chairman Publication

          Dick Eyestone – Co-Chairman Publication

          Becky Meyer – Member of Sales Who’s Who Book and Calendar


Triennial Other Assembly Committee – Colorful Notes

          Cindy Chadwell – Personal Page MWGP

          Evelyn Hardesty – Personal Page MWGP

          John Chadwell – Personal Aide MWGP

          Ron Hardesty – Personal Aide MWGP

          Kenneth Foy – Personal Aide MWGP

          Charles Merckle – Personal Aide MWGP

          Celia Lawson – Personal Page to Worthy Grand Esther

          Jan Foy – Assistant to RWAGM

         Marilyn Braatz * – Assistant to Worthy Grand Warder


Triennial Special Assembly Committee – Faithful Notes

          Marilyn Giey

          Carol Kauffman

          Roy Turk

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